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Today, we are spotlighting Author Blue Saffire. 
 Below are the first book in each of her series. Below are just some of  the books  you can indulge yourselves in :)
Goodreads (Blurbs/Shelf Them All). *books are of the erotic nature.             

Author Blue Saffire

In just over a year since romance author Blue Saffire began writing and releasing books, she has trailblazed a path to success that many indie writers can only dream of. A multi-Swirl Award winner and a perennial Amazon bestseller, Saffire is the woman behind the popular interracial romance series “Legally Bound,” “Hush,” “Ballers,”“Brothers Black,” “Perfect For Me” and “Yours.”

Always the overachiever, Saffire typically releases a new book every four to six weeks, quenching the thirst of her dedicated fans with spicy storylines and dynamic writing. Saffire has seven releases slated between October 2016 and January 2017 including three new “Brothers Black” books and four new “Legally Bound” books.

One of Saffire’s keys to success is her talent for connecting with readers on a personal level. In 2017, she’s throwing Blue’s March Madness from March 23 to March 25 at Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, SC. Not only does each reader get a chance to meet and hang out with Saffire, she’s inviting her bestselling author friends to join in on the fun. Included in the price of tickets are the events, new books exclusive to March Madness attendees and an extra-special secret surprise. For more information, visit http://bluesaffire.com/leads/march-madness/.

BLUE SAFFIRE is a woman on a mission to share her words and thoughts with the world. She has found her passion in her pen and steams up the pages with her humor, honesty, love and voice. Saffire represents the secret author inside that some of us are too scared to let out.

Saffire and her family all enjoy life in the suburbs. However, life throws her challenges daily and since her diary is no longer enough, she has decided it is time for new outlets for the words she would never say face to face to her friends, family and definitely not her husband. For more about Blue Saffire and her books, visit

Grown ass woman, Mother, reader, drinker of the red wines, not so serious makeup enthusiast and finally...a habitual procrastinator. I read just about everything but I really do love my romances. HEA’s are optional because hell sometimes, Prince Charming really is just a frog. Don’t asked if I finished *that book* yet...because I didn’t.
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#TVSeriesReview: Crazyhead, A Netflix Series

Horror, Comedy
Netflix Series
Season 1
6 Episodes

My Review

Crazyhead is a British horror comedy where two young women become friends while fighting demons. I caught this gem of a show while perusing through Netflix one night. I'm glad I took a chance and decided to watch it.

Anyhoo's, the show starts off where Amy who sees dead people, lols...no in all seriousness she sees demons in their full face when no one else around her does so of course she thinks (along with most her friends) that she is totally bonkers. After a night out with her best friend Savannah, Amy finds herself in the most particular situation..that being she is almost being killed by one of these demons. She also meets Raquel who see the sames things she does and saves her life.

Raquel however is a bit different from Amy. Where Amy is human, Raquel is half demon.

When the show first starts, you think it's about Amy buuutttt you quickly learn that it's not. I mean it kinda sorta is but it’s not. Okay, let  me just explain. Amy is like not feeling the whole I can see demons thing but Raquel finally gets her to understand that what she is seeing aren't just some folk dressed up in Halloween make up early. No, these demons are real and aren't going away and the only way to protect herself is to kill any demon she comes across because if she doesn’t they’re going to kill her (which they totally try to do…like all the time). Anyhoo’s it seems that there is a head demon in charge who is after Raquel because since she's half demon, seems ol girl is holding onto some serious power.

So throughout this first season, Amy and Raquel become fast friends as they try find out why the demons are after Raquel so badly. They also try to navigate their perspective personal lives as well, which made for some funny takes between them and others.

The show is hilarious although it does has it’s scary and sad moments. But the funny is excellent throughout each episode. Especially when these two are doing their exorcisms, that shit was crazy. You got to watch it to see what I’m talking about. And I’m guessing there will be a S2 because the ending was quite surprising and I’m looking forward to see where they’re going to go with the storyline. But at this point, Amy and Raquel are your friendly, sarcastically funny neighborhood demon fighters

I’m really starting to enjoy British TV shows, they are so inclusive. The U.S of A needs to take a page from their book when it comes to TV. We need more of their shows!

*I would insert some pics from the show but the way the blog is set up right now...lols.

Grown ass woman, Mother, reader, drinker of the red wines, not so serious makeup enthusiast and finally...a habitual procrastinator. I read just about everything but I really do love my romances. HEA’s are optional because hell sometimes, Prince Charming really is just a frog. Don’t asked if I finished *that book* yet...because I didn’t.
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#GuestReview: Night Shift by Charlaine Harris (@sophiarose1816)

Night Shift by Charlaine Harris
#3 Midnight, Texas
Mystery, Paranormal Suspense
Publisher:  Ace
Published:  5.3.16
Pages: 320
Rating: 4
Flames: 2
Format:  Hardbound
Source:  Self

Available: BN | Amazon | +Goodreads (Blurb/Shelf it)

Sophia's Review

I have been captivated by this series since I picked up Midnight Crossing, the first book.  Imagine a dying small town in the middle of nowhere where each resident has something to hide yet they are so few that they can’t help learning something about each other.  And though this town is a mere crossroads for two highways, it attracts mysterious and dangerous events.  The atmosphere is ominous and tense, waiting.  The people are wary, yet protective of their town and each other.  They look after their own.

This third book in the Midnight, Texas series felt like the finale.  I don’t know for sure if it is, but it wrapped up all dangling threads and finished pulling out all the hinted at secrets and more from the earlier books.  The big conflict was a growing and powerful evil in the town compelling people from other places to come to the crossroads and commit suicide.  Not only must everyone work to stop the killings and keep the spotlight of the outside world away, but now they must figure out how to stop what is causing it.  Meanwhile, Fiji is challenged to accept who and what she is, Manfred gets answers to his past, Olivia’s past catches up to her, and more.

The pace and feel was cozy mystery with a paranormal flavor.  There is a good solid mystery, but I also felt that this was a long good-bye as it pulled out all the stops tying things up and getting it all out in the open.  The atmospheric quality and tension suffered as a result.  That said, I have no complaints about seeing relationships gel and get my answers from previous books while getting a few surprise twists in this latest one.  I loved the characters and the world of Midnight so I am sad to see it go though I understand it is being adapted for TV.

On a side note, for those not in the know, a few crossover characters and references to events in her other series notably the Sookie Stackhouse series take place.  My favorite crossover is Quinn the Weretiger.

All in all, those who enjoy small town mystery blended with paranormal and romantic suspense would probably enjoy this trilogy which I recommend getting in order.

Many thanks to Sophia for stopping by BnB Reviews!

Sophia Rose
Sophia is a quiet though curious gal who dabbles in cooking, book reviewing, and gardening. Encouraged and supported by an incredible man and loving family. A Northern Californian transplant to the Great Lakes Region of the US. Lover of Jane Austen, Baseball, Cats, Scooby Doo, and Chocolate.  Associate Reviewer for Delighted Reader blog

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