#GuestReview by @sophiarose1816: City of Wolves by Willow Palecek

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Format: eARC
Series: NA
Genre: Historical Urban Fantasy Suspense
Author: Willow Palecek
Publisher:  Tor.com
Published: 7.26.16
Pages:  128
Rating:  4
Flames: NA
Source:  Net Galley
Available:  Amazon | BN | ARe | +Goodreads

Sophia's Review

City of Wolves was a lot of things and all those things were packed into a swift-moving novella.  While I enjoyed this one, as, indeed, I did, I also felt that if this was not serving as a prequel- introductory story to something beyond then it fell short.  Because I want to give the benefit of the doubt, I'm going to be generous as well as hopeful that there is a whole lot more coming from this fascinating and exciting alternate historical fantasy suspense staring the most impressive, witty, and roguish investigator for the common people, Alexander Drake.

As, I noted, this is an alternate history.  It is based on perhaps a smash-up of Scottish history and English history with the paranormal elements of magic and more tossed in for good measure.  Alexander Drake fought for the loyalist cause and they lost.  Now he is scraping a living as an investigator.  He could work for the government as one of their detectives just as he could take cases involving the nobility which would both pay vastly more than the pittance he earns on uninteresting cases, but he's had bad experiences with both and wants to just live his life without the trouble that comes from tangling with his supposed betters.

But, unfortunately, if he wants room and board and to stay out of debtor's prison, he must take this latest case involving the death of an aristocrat and a missing will.  As soon as he takes the case, someone would rather him not find out the truth.  Drake has a time of it staying one step ahead of the government investigator and also the shadowy nemesis trying to stop him for good.

Alright, this was a novella so it clipped along pretty well.  I was immediately taken with the main character, Alexander Drake.  He's the underdog who is cynical and somewhat disillusioned, but he has a code of morality and he is loyal.  He might take the short cut to get there, but he is honorable in his own way. 

I enjoyed the introduction to Alexander's world.  It is the British Empire essentially- there is a monarchy, a government, a class system, and regional types that are familiar, but there is also the known use of magic, a little gadgetry, and another surprise element that I'll not mention by name so as not to spoil things.

The mystery was moderately challenging though I figured out quite a bit well before the end.  That said, there were a few surprises and it was great following along with Alexander as he tracked down the trail of clues and did his 'voila' at the end.  But that last jangling line of reveal at the end is what has me believing that there is oh so much more to come.  I did have one niggle about the mystery in that I couldn't remember the story making clear why the victim chose to do what he did.  Again, I wonder if that is part of what might come after this one.  I knew who killed the victim and who was after Drake, but in the victim's case, the 'why' was murky.

So, whether this was the start of something more or its own shorter story, I still had a pretty good time with an engaging main character, worldbuilding, and suspense plot.  The author did a bang up job with her debut.  I would recommend it for those who like a blend of history, mystery, urban fantasy, and steampunk (or as the book is described by the blurb- Gaslight Fantasy Noir).

*I received this book from Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.

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Sophia is a quiet though curious gal who dabbles in cooking, book reviewing, and gardening. Encouraged and supported by an incredible man and loving family. A Northern Californian transplant to the Great Lakes Region of the US. Lover of Jane Austen, Baseball, Cats, Scooby Doo, and Chocolate.  Associate Reviewer for Delighted Reader blog

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#EarlyReview : Archangel's Heart by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Heart (Guild Hunter, #9)

Source: Net Galley
Format: ePub
Series: Guild Hunter #9
Author: Nalini Singh
Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy
Heat: Very little in this installment
Available: Amazon | Goodreads

My Review

Archangel’s Heart by Nalini Singh is the ninth book in the Guild Hunters Series and we return to Elena and Raphael two years after the end of the last book. Some might be unhappy to return to this powerful couple but I for one have no issues revisiting Elena and Rafael as the seven all revolve around these two and come on, does Singh put out a bad Guild Hunter book regardless of the featured couple?? Nope, she sure does not. In this book we dont see as much as the Seven as I’d like but we do get glimpses of them as well as a bit of Elena’s Guard. Aodhan does play a bigger part of this book since he goes with Elena and Rafael to Morocco. I know a bunch of people want an Aodhan and Illium pairing but I'm pretty sure I remember reading that they are NOT going to end up together, but I can see why fans would want this to come to pass.

So anyway, the three of them head to Morocco to deal with the douches that are the Luminata. Ok to be fair not all of them are douchebags but there are more than a few that are. Near to the Luminata compound is a human settlement and when Elena arrives, the whispers start, people look at her as if in recognition. So a good part chunk of this book is the mystery that is Elena’s past. It’s quite intriguing. I had a lot of fun trying to guess the outcome but ended up being mostly wrong, but isn’t that the fun of it?

Overall, it was fun to look into Elena mysterious family tree. I also loved the glimpses into Aodhan past and present. Little by little Aodhan is overcoming his past and becoming someone with one does not mess with. I’m looking forward to more in the Guild Hunter world and I don't see an end anytime soon.

ARC was provided through NetGalley for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

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#BookReview: Beautiful Crazy by Kasey Lane

Beautiful Crazy (Rock 'n' Ink, #1)

Source: Net Galley
Format: ePub
Series: Rock 'n' Ink #1
Author: Kasey Lane
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Yes, there is Sex
Available: Amazon | Goodreads

My Review

Beautiful Crazy is by a newbie author Kasey Lane. The cover grabbed my attention first and I was snagged with the description. A sexy rocker chick and a hottie guy in a suit.. Yeah, Im going to give this one a whirl. Kevan’s fledgling business needs to sign this band. Mason needs to bring in new talent into the company he works for to keep his job as CEO. The band needs someone to take them to the next level. When Mason and Kevan meet they are just two people in a bar with a strong attraction to each other and a night of passion. Too bad the one night stand follows them into a boardroom the next day when they are both pitching the same band. Kevan is seething and cant believe she’s been played like that. Mason can’t think about anything but getting Kevan back in bed. The beginning of this book, I wasn’t so sure of. It seemed like the characters were repeating themselves often and I wasn’t sure I liked either one of them all that much. But little by little I grew to like them more when they went on tour and started opening up to each more. By opening up to each other they opened up to us as the readers. By the end I was committed to the story and to Mason and Kevan as a couple. I ended up really enjoying the story despite the semi-shaky beginning. I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series and hope it’s either Kevan’s brother or one of the bandmates.

Copy was provided for an honest review thru NetGalley. No other compensation was provided.

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