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Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a question I know that has been asked many a time, but…I would like to ask it again. Can or do men write good romance novels?

I found myself searching for romances especially paranormal & urban fantasies to see if a guy wrote a particular book. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing my girls, because hey? We have some outstanding woman writers out there. I would just like to read a story from the guys point.

So one day in my endless search, I came across a book named The Blood that Bonds by Christopher Buecheler and IT..WAS..GOOD! yeah…um read it in like 24 hours.
It was free eBook on B&N and by the way still is. So I grabbed it up and I was so happy I did. I absolutely loved it! I mean, he didn’t write about a guy from a guys point of view, but a guy writing from a girls point of view. His story plot revolved around a female Two (I know, don’t you just love the name?)  and her vampire love Theroen. I’m not giving anything away…you’ll have to read it. It was just an amazing story.

I’m still finding myself searching though to find that story written by a guy about a guy and yeah I want the story to be paranormal/urban fantasy. So that is my challenge to myself has I continue to look and search. I hoping I come across a good one soon.

Hey do you have any book suggestions you would like to throw my way? Comment or contact me via email or via Goodreads.

Lata Days!...muah!


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