Review: The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons

Sunday, August 28, 2011

From Goodreads:

Ysolde Bouchier is still
coming to terms with the dragon part of her, while at the same time trying to
free a friend of Baltic-her Black Dragon lover-from the weyr, get Baltic to
meet with the dragons who want him dead, rescue a half-dragon damsel in over
her head, raise the shade of the man everyone says killed her, and once and for
all clear Baltic's name of the murder charges that continue to plague him.

For Ysolde, being a dragon is starting to bite.


Just as humorous as the
first book in the Light Dragon series, Ysolde Bourchier is still trying to
regain her memories of her past life as a dragon. But now to add to the mix,
she has to clear her mate Baltic’s name, save his 2nd lieutenant and
still convince her former boss to make her magic right.

I continued to enjoy the
characters in this 2nd installment of the Light Dragons. Everyone fit into the story and no one or nothing was out of place. Ysolde and
Baltic have got to be the funniest lead characters I have ever read. I also
liked that there was more sex in this book because the 1st one only
had one scene and I was really disappointed with that although the book was

This story had more than
one scene and they were some of the kinkiest I’ve read in a while (I liked them
a lot! especially the melted caramel scene…mmm…. mmm!).  I loved the relationship between Ysolde and
Baltic, they just meshed….you know? She wasn’t too strong and he was, BUT he
still had that loving and caring feel to him.

This book gets 5 Black

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