TrueBlood - Epidsode43

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well I know it's the middle of the week and my post is late. Most all other Trubies have probably posted to their blogs about last Sunday it is: IT WAS AWESOME, the most exciting one by far for me. Everyone was just that good in this one. I'm so loving Eric's befuddled new self. He's so cute and confused, it's hard not to resist him. And of course, Sookie hasn't (sex scene was worthy of a porno award).

Marnie...wait I mean Antonia got her evil witch thing on. She was scary in her own right and the vampires should be very careful messing around with this witch. I mean make vamps walk out in the sun? idk....

I got to say though, Jessica was my star in this one. She was strong and fierce. I loved it when she told Bill that if she made it, she was going to kill that fucking witch; hmmm, my kinda girl. I so seriously hope she survived,  and that the dick head of a security guard let Jason through and he's gable to save my girl.

Pam rocked as always and her coffin, well let's just say I never though pink would look so good on a coffin..
Tara worked my nerves. you know I'm just tired of her I can't be with anyone because of my fucked up child hood. It's starting to wear thin on my nerves.
Jason was Awesome...I think he falling for Jessica in own little weird way, but that just won't work this is best friend is her husband.
Lafayette, bitch please...that's my dude right there.
Arlene..can't stand the ho.
King Bill. I love him no matter what, even though I was mad at for almost killing my viking god. But he came out that stupidness, so he on my good list again.

I honestly can't wait until next Sunday and I'm literally burning up to see what this Sunday's episode with be. So there, there's my take...hope you enjoyed it. If you didn't catch it, watch it on HBOGo, you so won't be disappointed.

So until Sunday, be safe and stay out of the sun.

Lata Days...muah!

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