TrueBlood (Sunday, Aug 21st)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I didn't Tweet last night. Love the show, but wasn’t in the mood to rant about it on Twitter.

So what did you think of TrueBlood last night? What was your favorite part & who is F**cking happy that the real Eric is slowly…but surely coming back to his old self. Becuz I swear I am not liking the ol’ googlie eyed, I love you so much Sookie Eric.

I mean is it me? Or did he & Bill switch places or something *scratching my head*

Is Hoyt going kick Jason’s ass for screwing his girl because like shit, they did just broke up. Truthfully, if I were Jessica, I would want to get in Jason’s pants myself *weg*

I can’t wait until somebody…anybody kills Marnie *clearing throat* I mean Antonia’s ass.

Well Trubies…we only got three…that’s right THREE more episodes to left. What are you expecting? What do you think of this season so far?

And wasn’t this season like way off from the books? #justsaying

Lata Days!...muah!

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