The Cat Letters: Review & Giveaway

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How is your weekend ending? Good I hope! First on today's agenda! is my review of The Cat Letters by Lexis DeRothschild:

The Cat Letters: A Tale of Longing, Adventure and True Love
Published May 18, 2011 by the Author (Lexis DeRothschild)
65 pgs (Novella)

From Goodreads:
A woman from Nantucket finds herself writing to her cat when she leaves her married lover by sailing to the Caribbean.

My Review:
A fun and wonderful read. "Me" a bartender who is lives in Nantucket writes letters to her cat Baxter about the daily goings on in her life. While trying to get over the break up of her affair with a married man, she sails away to the Caribbean. 
I thought this story was good and very well written. There was so much humor in it and I enjoyed it immensely. I love "me" throughout the book. She was tough, funny and smart. The Nantucket and Caribbean background was the perfect setting for the story as well. I think readers will fall in love with authors story of love lost and gained again.
I rate this one 4 Black Orchids! now for the Giveaway! and the Winner is Darlene! Yes my dear, you are my 200th follower (THANK YoU!). You've won the book I reviewed above  & the "Bitch" Mug (Gain, please don't take that I'll be emailing you shortly for more details!

THE CAT LETTERS. A novella. Coffee Mug.

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