Dirty Little Secret #7

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This week's question:

What super natural power would you NOT want to have?

Well, I feel a little like Rogue in X-men. I would not want to have the power to drain people when I touch them. I mean how depressing is that? every time you touch someone, they get weak or die. How's a girl suppose to have a social life with something like that dragging her down?...smh.

Lata Days...MUAH!
Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)


  1. Yikes! I didn't think about that one, not really good for a relationship either!


  2. Yea...thats a good one! Not being able to touch people would suck ass! But getting cool powers from people would be awesome...like storm! She has kick ass powers!!

  3. I love Rogue! but she for sure got the bad luck of the draw when she got her super power.

  4. Yeah, that would be a toughie to deal with day in and day out. Good answer.

  5. Ohh that one would not be good. Good answer I never heard of that before :)

  6. Yeah, I agree. I would be suckie. I said the Touch of Death would be crappy, and it similar.

  7. That would be a total bummer. Never able to touch someone. Yikes!

  8. Yeah...the ones where you can't touch people are the worst...no kissing...no hugging...no anything! That would be HORRIBLE!

  9. I totally agree! No contact with anyone for your entire life would be torture!



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