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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hosted by Bewitching Books Tours, today the lovely Georgia Cates will Guest Blog today. She'll be talking her book Blood of Anteros, music and much more.

I’ve been asked countless times where I get my ideas. I am a huge music head, so a lot of the events between characters originate from music. There is rarely a time when I’m not listening to music and I have a huge playlist that plays the entire time I write.

My jams are my muse and anchor. When you read a “scene” with a highly charged emotion, odds are good there was a song that went along with it. When I hear an inspiring song, I listen to it over and over as I see the scene of the book playing out in my head, like a movie.

This is a limited Playlist for Blood of Anteros because you would find it ridiculous if I listed all of them. I have included the scene I associated with the particular song and hopefully, you will find some new favorites, along with a better understanding of events between Curry and Chansey.

1) Never Say Never- The Fray
As Curry is about to leave Pascagoula.

2) Look After You- The Fray
Curry’s decision to stay out of sight, but close enough to watch over Chansey.

3) Let It Go- Fauxliage
Chansey’s battle with wondering if Curry wants her the way she wants him.
(This is probably one of the most emotionally charged songs I listened to while writing Blood of Anteros)

4) Memories- Within Temptation
Chansey’s way of dealing of the absence of Curry.

5) Forgiven- Within Temptation
Chansey’s feelings toward Curry once she discovers what he is and the reason behind the things he did.

6) Here Without You-3 Doors Down
Curry misery of being without Chansey.

7) One Moment More- Mindy Smith
The morning Chansey wakes to find Curry next to her in bed.

8) Times Infinity- Mexicolas
Curry’s emotions when he realizes he loves Chansey.

9) Strange- Tokio Hotel & Kerli
Curry’s feelings of inferiority as he looks at the lovely Chansey and her life.

10) Need- Hana Pestle
Chansey’s emotions after Curry is gone.

11) Pieces- Red
How Chansey heals Curry’s damaged heart.

12) Never Be the Same- Red
Curry realizes he will never be the same after he has loved Chansey.

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  1. Thanks, Sharonda for featuring me on your blog! Hope you have an awesome New Years!


  2. Happy New Year!! I enjoy all music! I get on my different kicks when I listen to a little bit of everything at different times :)

  3. I like some odd mixes of music I love gangsta grass which is a mix of blue grass and gangsta rap. I also like elbow and Natalie merchant so like I said an odd mix.