Review: Changing Focus

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Reluctant to be a Pack Alpha, Micah Keeps Vigil has no hesitation about what he wants in a mate. A strong, intelligent, passionate and, most importantly, shifter female. He's found her in photojournalist Olivia. She's come to Micah's lodge to write about winter sports.
Olivia isn't expecting a gorgeous man who encourages her wilder nature with a sizzling erotic encounter in her room. Nor does she anticipate the amount of steam they generate in the sauna. With Micah's hot body and Olivia's innate sensuality they generate enough heat to melt the snow around the lodge.

One problem-Olivia isn't aware she's a shifter. She believes her vivid dreams are just that-dreams-and that her blackouts can be controlled with medication. There's no way she's been running through the woods on four feet! Micah has to convince Olivia to accept herself-paws and all-or lose her forever.


Sexxy novella & Book 3 in the lusting wild series. This short little book was hot and I wanted MORE. How Olivia didn't want to stay with Micha was nuts, because I would have been on that man like white on rice!!! I get she didn't wanna accept what she was, but with Micha at her side....

Anyway enough of my rant. Pick this one up, it's a very hot and erotic shifter read. It's also a sweet love story and an awesome read.

This one get 5 Black Orchids

Sex is way off the charts hot!!!

Lata Days...MUAH!
Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)

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