Author Guest Blog: Carrie Salo

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, today I so graciously welcome Carrie Salo. She will take over today...

Hello SexxyBlogger followers! My name is Carrie Salo, and this is the first day of a month long online tour for me. I really appreciate this invitation into your computers, i-pads or smart phones (and thereby your offices, kitchens, and bedrooms!).

Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I consider myself to be a storyteller – a weaver of intriguing tales. As a storyteller, I like to keep my reader on the edge of their seat (or up all night), reveal unexpected plot twists, and completely take you away from your everyday through character development. I tend to heavily lean towards the supernatural thriller – which means, if you have read anything from me and you weren’t pretty scared, I didn’t do my job. Besides being an avid reader of thrillers and many other genres, I credit my writing to a classical education as an English major at an ivy league university. That education helps me bring together dark creativity with a very careful writing style. When I write a story, I want everything – the plot, the characters, the settings, the writing and the research – to work together seamlessly. I never want the reader to see what’s going on “behind the curtain.” For me, it’s all about taking you away for some deep thrills.

But, I wouldn’t be telling you very much about myself if I didn’t tell you about my novel. The Sounding is a supernatural thriller about an early Armageddon. But unlike a lot of Armageddon pop culture out there currently – which feature zombies, vampires or even natural disaster – The Sounding is based in real history and real prophecy. It gets its plot from Jewish and Catholic theology. It centers on the final prophecy in the book of Revelation and how events in today’s world might bring that prophecy to early fulfillment. A band of characters joins together to protect the prophecy, including one character with the holy ability to steal energy with a single touch. But, just as this guardian is sent by God to keep His plan in place, a dark and evil force sent by the devil himself is set on hunting them one by one and bringing the end of days upon us.

Since this IS a SexxyBlogger blog, you might be wondering where to find the sexiness in a novel grounded in religion? While I do use real prophecy to make the story that much more chilling, The Sounding is not without heat. The delicate relationship between Father Chris – a priest working to keep the prophecies in order – and Elise – the guardian sent by God himself – is one of the things that makes The Sounding the most haunting. Clearly forbidden to be anything but professional allies, and yet forced together under incredible circumstances, the two flirt with the forbidden. Their relationship is one of the most human parts of the story, and one of the things I am most proud of as a writer. When everything in the world is about to die, is it really worth resisting love?

You’ll have to let me know after you give The Sounding a read…

A big round of salacious applause for Carrie...that was awesome and so is the sounding. Be sure to catch my review later today. Let me tell, you book is good from the first page to the last. In the meantime, enjoy the book except below:

Lorenze strapped his uniform on, knowing where every clasp and buckle fell exactly. Still, something about it felt foreign: he had not worn it in several days. Several very, very long days.
The red, blue and yellow stripes that Michelangelo designed for the guard centuries earlier: many men fell under those colors. He knew their names by heart. And he promised to join them if called to…
…Lorenze propelled himself to the other side of the room where the society had left a small stockpile of weapons. He pulled out the sniper’s rifle case and its box of bullets. With hard clicks, he opened the case to see that all was in order. The parts gleamed and winked at him in the light like so many eyes.
More gently, Lorenze lifted the sight from the case. It was heavy to his hand. He put it to his eye and some miniscule scratch in the floor became like a canyon.

Thou shalt not kill. Lorenze smirked and put the sight down. Thou shalt not kill unless God asks you to. Thou shalt not kill unless God needs you to.
Lorenze closed the case. He surveyed the room, looked again at the uniform. He only had a few minutes left. He knelt to pray.

But what was there to pray for? Should he pray for their lives, for their safety? Could he ask that God grant them success on a murder mission? Should he pray for time or protection, or just for the world not to die?
In the end with his last few minutes, Lorenze prayed for the soul of another assassin. One who also betrayed innocence for the greater good. Remiel had, after all, been right – they were in common with a certain other fallen disciple. And so, with his eyes squeezed shut,Lorenze prayed for mercy for Judas Iscariot. For if Judas – that tool of fate led to betray history’s most innocent man – was able to find God’s forgiveness, perhaps so might he.

The sounding is available at:
Available at Amazon print, Kindle and Barnes and Noble

View the book trailer:

Lata Days...MUAH!
Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Author interview: J.E. Hopkins

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, today I'll talking to J. E. Hopkins about her book We Shall Rise, the 2nd book in the Misfits of the Lore Series.

Please tell us about yourself J. E.?

I am a native New Yorker who could never live anywhere else. I just adore NY, especially the craziness of Manhattan. I am a lawyer by day, writer by night. I have been practicing law for about ten years now and although it has its ups and downs, I absolutely love being a lawyer. I equally enjoy being a writer which is a passion I’ve had since I was a child. To be able to realize both passions is such a blessing.

Can you give us a little background on the series Misfits of the Lore?

We Shall Rise is the second novel in my Misfits of the Lore Series. The first book, Lover’s Betrayal sets the stage for this series. Lover’s Betrayal involves a vampire couple, Olivia and Lucian, who were forced to separate for nearly two centuries, but are reunited with the task of solving a series of grisly killings, as the prime suspect is Olivia's son, Kaden. Olivia married Lucian’s enemy and bore him to sons, Kaden and Julian. It is this contentious brotherly relationship that plays a major role in Lover’s Betrayal as well as We Shall Rise.

In the course of proving Kaden’s innocence, there is a discovery of a drug, mescah, that is being used to destroy pureblood vampires and lycans. The drug was devised by witches and sages who are declaring war against the pureblood vampires and lycan who have used their purity of blood and greater strength to enslave the weaker immortals, including hybrids, shifters, demons, witches, sages, charmers and foreseers. The weaker races are uniting against the tyranny of the purebloods and mescah is their declaration of war.
We Shall Rise marks the beginning of this immortal race war, but underlying this plot is a burgeoning romance between Kaden and a half breed vampire, Reysa, who helped save Kaden’s life and prove his innocence in Lover’s Betrayal. Neither Kaden nor Reysa wants to embrace the bond growing between them. Kaden is still wrestling with the demons from the past caused primarily by his destructive and violent relationship with his father. Reysa is focused on creating a safe haven for her fellow immortal misfits who like her were rejected for their impurity by their clans, but have found a home among Reysa’s Misfits of the Lore.
It’s a series about love in the midst of war.

I love the idea of this series...the weak rising against the strong. What or whom inspired it?

History inspired it for me. I am a total history geek and I love stories about war and the reasons people decide to resort to violence to justify their ends. Like any war, no side is purely good or purely evil. Even those with righteous motivations can be corrupted. War seems to bring out the worst in both sides. Race and class wars are an unfortunate hallmark of history and I wanted to explore these concepts
within the paranormal world.

We Shall Rise is the second book and the series, do we get to look forward to more books in this series?

Absolutely. I am working on the next book now. I would like to do at least five for this series, but I want to be careful and avoid exhausting the series by keeping it going too long. I would hate to ruin it by ending it too late.

Very few stories are out there with an interracial couple and I love that you did this why did you decide to make your characters interracial?

In many ways, this series is about race, yet for immortals race has nothing to do with skin color. Skin color is a human obsession, as it unfortunately is in the real world for some people. For immortals, race is defined by genetics and the purity of one’s blood. That contrast is something I wanted to explore. There are so many different aspects to diversity whether it is racial, cultural, age, gender, religious etc. As an African-American woman, I am particularly interested in that dynamic.
So what is Kaden and Reysa's story? What make them the perfect couple?
Reysa understands Kaden in a way that others cannot. She stands up to him and doesn’t take his crap. She is forceful, strong and loyal—all traits that Kaden needs in a mate to help him battle his inner demons that cause him to lash out against those he loves. Reysa is tough enough to love the good and the bad in Kaden. For Kaden, as someone who doesn’t believe he deserves to be loved, it is even more important for him to have someone stubborn enough to love him even when he does everything possible to destroy it.

Can we find out whose book will be next in the series?

Sure. Julian’s book is next but it’s a tough road for him. There are a lot of obstacles ahead and no simple solutions. Love is no easy road for him. He’s in the midst of a love triangle. It’s a volatile situation that will definitely combust in his book.

Writers have always wanted to write, but you're also a lawyer. How do you balance the two? And will you start to write full-time?

Balancing the two is really challenging. I love both and have no desire to sacrifice one for the other, but it’s hard juggling these professions. The downside is that I cannot write as often as I would like. I try to make the most of my time although I never seem to have enough. There may be a time where I’m ready to give up being a lawyer, but that’s many, many years away. For now, the juggling act continues.

When you write, which do you prefer, quiet? Or noise?

I prefer quiet where I can get lost in the story. I need to picture it so that I can write it.

What do you like to do when in your spare time?

I am a huge sports fan so I spend countless hours watching football, tennis, soccer and many other sports. I also love photography. I wish I had more time to devote to that passion. I’m also a big fan of traveling and I try to go on at least two nice vacations a year. That’s when I get most of my writing done. There’s something very inspiring about being in a foreign country and culture.

Are you currently reading any books?

I have a long commute to work so I use that time to read a lot. My reading selection is all over the place. Sometimes I want a simple Harlequin romance. Other times, I want Stephen King or some tear-jerking nonfiction novel about war survivors or the crisis in Africa. I just downloaded Lara Adrian’s new book, Darker After Midnight, and I am very much looking forward to reading it. I love her Midnight Breed Series. Kresley Cole’s latest, Lothaire, is next on my list after that one.

I really love this interview, very insightful and I thank JE for stopping by and joining me today.

Be sure to catch my review later today on We Shall Rise.

Lata Days....MUAH!
Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Weekly Blog Song is Up

Friday, January 27, 2012

I love Beyonce! and I thought this song just went with all of the books I've been reading lately. All of the women in had their mans back or visa versa. You tell 'em B! Lata Days! MUAH! Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Author Promotional Spotlight & Giveaway: LJ DeLeon

Hosted by Bewitching Book tours, today my salacious spotlight shines on LJ Deleon...take a look...

WARRIOR’S RISE (Warriors for Light, Book 1)

For Fae-human half-breed Deva Morgan, life as she knows it changes on her thirtieth birthday. One moment she’s a barkeep, the next she is a warrior fated to save Earth from the Dark Lord and his demon horde. Shunned by both her races, she faces a danger-filled quest with few allies. Too bad her powers haven’t fully emerged or stabilized.

For Deva it is life or death, on-the-job training with her companion, Padraig O’Neal, a Fae warrior with a shadowed past. Can he quiet the storm raging inside her, help her harness the growing power within her, and provide a barrier between Deva and a fatal outcome? Will their love be enough to save Deva and stop the Dark Lord’s demons from entering Earth?


Padraig ignored the snarling werewolf in front of him, the throbbing beat of ‘70’s rock, the whirling of the ceiling fan, and scanned the near-empty bar. No human norms present. Good, it made his job easier, cleaner.
His gaze locked onto the woman behind the aged mahogany counter. She was beautiful, almost ethereal. Strange, considering she was about six feet and all angles. Even her face was a series of planes. Yet it all fit together in a unique, mesmerizing image.
Inhaling, he filtered out the residual odor of norms and their stale cigarette smoke. Her scent of summer with just a hint of wisteria, drew him, enveloped him, singed him with the heat of her presence.
Her bored expression didn’t hide the quick assessing look in her cool hazel eyes, then dismissal.
Damn it to the Abyss. Her icy disdain combined with the unfamiliar pull of her sensuality were complications he did not need.
Not now. Not ever.


DRAGON CHILD (Warriors for Light, Book 2)

A fire-breathing dragon, Moira O'Neal, was exchanged at birth for a Fae princess. Discovering the truth, she escapes the cage of the royal court and joins forces with the sexiest wereleopard on Earth. She fights the urge to mate and the trap that comes with it as they race against time to find the missing princess and a master of the black arts who covets her power.

Major Steve Taylor, a wereleopard in the Army For Light, partners with the impetuous Moira in the middle a dangerous mission where failure means all their deaths. Worse, his leopard decides Moira is his mate, leaving the man at war with his cat.


Never one to ignore a warning, she inched forward, preparing to make her escape. The door opened and Ma entered followed by Major Steve Taylor, a wereleopard visiting from Earth.
Moira shivered at the sight of the tall, lean, hard-muscled warrior’s unflinching moss-green stare. His scent of laurel and crisp mountain air mixed with a hint of musk wafted over her, exciting every nerve ending. It drew her, enveloped her, melted her where she sat. Good thing she’d never gotten this close to him at her brother and Deva’s wedding. She inhaled again. Goddess help her, she would have fallen at his feet and made a fool of herself.
Moira gnawed on her lower lip. What was it about this hard, closed-off Were? What made her look twice at him when no other male triggered her interest?
A second later, a guard in the hall pulled the door shut, sealing them inside.
Moira eased back into her corner and prayed she escaped discovery. They couldn’t see her, but she could observe and hear everything from her location. . . .
He placed a finger to his lips and scanned the room. His eyes phased to those of a leopard, fitting seamlessly into his human face—unblinking, soft grass green with a narrowed black iris. His mouth opened slightly, his tongue pressed against his teeth, as if tasting the air. His head made small abrupt movements, taking in the room.
Moira’s eyes widened at his mouthed, “We aren’t alone.”
She froze as he turned and prowled toward her. Damn his wereleopard nose. She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed to the Goddess with every cell in her being she were invisible.
Goose bumps broke out all over her body. The air in front of her stilled. Nothing moved. Only his scent touched her.
He’d found her.
She opened her eyes and stared into his. Her chest constricted with dread. He stood, fully alert, feet planted directly in front of her. If he’d been in cat form, she suspected his ears would tip forward to catch the slightest breath. Whiskers would twitch, testing for any change in the air.


ABSOLUTION (Warriors for Light, Book 3)

He did the unforgivable. Druid Lucan Woods killed his surrogate father and best friend for the greater good. Wracked with guilt, he infiltrates a brotherhood of evil, hoping the mission is one way. Absolution may come from a missing Fae Princess, if he will accept it. Or will he reject her love and use her as a pawn in his drive to destroy the leader of the brotherhood?

Fae Princess Alanna has just learned her twin daughters are alive. She leaves hIfreann to search Earth for them. Only she can touch Luc’s heart. But will he let her? Will he open his stained soul and allow her to enter in time to save them both?


For a short interim, she had felt nothing from him and feared he had succeeded. Then his pain speared her heart and, when she had touched his mind, she learned he had been in Otherworld. That his life and soul survived was a balm. Now, in this room, his self-loathing dominated to a degree she’d never encountered or dealt with in her years as a healer.
His bleak devastation battered at her, driving her to her knees. Unable to bear his oppressive grief, she crawled to him, and curled her hands over his knees, forcing a touch, a rush of compassion, anything to save him. The reason didn’t matter, only the certainty that to do nothing, to allow him to be consumed, would be disastrous for both of them. He would suffer, as would she and her daughters.
He stared at the gun then sighed. “If you’re going to do it, Luc, get it over with.” He placed the weapon in his mouth, aimed up and back. His finger slid off the guard and onto the trigger.
No! She squeezed her fingers hard around his knees. Her hands didn’t pass through his flesh, despite their non-corporeal composition, reassuring her that she had gained complete control over traveling the astral plain.
Waves of energy rushed from her and enveloped him.
He stilled. Slowly he removed the weapon, his finger poised on the trigger.
She moved to the bed and eased behind him to cradle his head between her palms. She bent, her lips to his ear. It wasn’t your fault. Hear me, warrior. Do not burden yourself with this weight.
His gaze searched the room as he raised the weapon toward the door.
This wasn’t your fault.
“Wasn’t my fault? If not mine, then whose?” His voice rasped harsh and raw with pain.
He had heard her. She had time and a link to stop him. One she wouldn’t drop. Never again would she be this close to losing him. Nate’s death was due to manipulation by the parasite inside of him. He was an innocent caught in the crossfire. He would be saddened to have you lose your way like this. Please, I need you.


Bio: Bestselling author, LJ DeLeon is an Army brat and a world-traveled former CIA Intelligence Analyst who has seen enough of this world to appreciate other worlds. Working for the CIA was great training for writing fantasy, paranormal, and futuristic romance--and understanding the warrior mentality--amazing how real life and fiction overlap. Honor: the ultimate seduction.

Contact information:

Now for the Giveaway...1 $25 gift card to be given away to one lucky winner- winner's choice of Amazon, ARe, or B&N gift card, so leave a comment for your chances to win!

Guys...leaves lot of comments..a sista could win a gift card too!

Lata Days...MUAH!
Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Dirty Little Secret

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by us at Under the Covers. Every Thursday we get to know other bloggers and our readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets. We hope that you will all join us!
To participate in the meme all you need to do is:
1. Be a follower of Under the Covers.
2. Create a post in your blog taking the meme image, and copy instructions.
3. Answer the question we propose! This can be done in any way you like, post a video, write a post etc.
4. Then add your link.
Non-bloggers: We want to hear from you as well!!! Let us know your answer in the comments!

This weeks Question is...

In honor of the recent release of LOTHAIRE by Kresley Cole and our love of G.A. Aiken's Dragon Kin series, we want to know...
What moniker would you have if you lived in those worlds?

Sharonda the Bold....
strong, sexy, fierce and a ass for!

Lata Days....MUAH!
Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Sexy Snippets

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesdays have never been so sexy!
Sexy Snippets is a weekly feature hosted by Reading Between the Wines for the 18+ crowd. To join in just grab the button, post a sexy paragraph or two from your current read and share the author & title so other participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like. Then add your post to the linky back at RBTW (
so everyone can follow along. Have a sexy good time!

Right now I'm reading We Shall Rise by J.E. Hopkins

Kaden could not keep his eyes off those statuesque, delectable milk chocolate legs that he knew led to secrets his body craved to discover. it!

Lata Days...MUAH!
Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Author Interview: Deena Remiel

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hosted by Sizzling PP...Today, Deena Remiel has graciously given her time with me today to talk about her up-coming book Relic.

Welcome Deena and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.
Thanks for having me. I’m thrilled to be here.

I've been reading some pretty awesome reviews on the Book 1 in the Brethren series. Can you give us a little background in this series?
Thank you! I sure can. The Brethren Series starts with Trinity, and an apocalyptic war between Good and Evil. We see a mother and her daughter thrust right into the thick of things because of their special lineage, and an Angel Protector who must carry out a prophecy with them.

So Relic, which is Book 2, will be available Jan. 27th. Please tell us about the story and its characters.
I think I’ll share the blurb with you and your readers for the best description of RELIC…

Raphael, a Brethren Savior, an angel with a forgotten past, has lost his power to heal and is on a self-imposed guilt trip to get it back. If he can’t, his tour of eternal duty as Brethren Savior will be revoked. On his journey, he winds up enmeshed in a web of attempted murder and resurrection all thanks to a woman he’s only seen in a photograph and by chance on an Arizona desert hiking trail.

Serena Sikes is a wanted woman. Desired by “undesirables” for a gift her brother gave her- a stolen relic with suspected healing powers. Hunted down in the Arizona desert and left for dead, she is found by none other than the angel who cannot heal.

Raphael and Serena are inexorably bound together, for locked deep within the relic’s heart had lived the soul of his long lost wife. Now, it resides inside Serena. Evil lurks around every corner as Raphael tries to keep both Serena and his dead wife’s soul alive and lustful temptation at bay.

Three souls bound together by an ancient relic, bound by a timeless gift, and bound by a love that is eternal.

Did you always want to be a writer?
I’ve wanted to be so many things over the course of my lifetime! Never thought I would say I’ve been teaching for over 20 years now, either. But being an author has been the only thing I truly felt passionate about. Someone said to be truly happy with your work, work your passion. They were right!

What or whom inspired this series?
I was inspired by angels! I just made them sexy and hunkalicious. ;)

I love to get lost in the story when I'm reading a book. Will readers get lost in Raphael's story?
Oh, yes! I’M still lost in it! There’s one scene that I frequently go to sleep dreaming about. Your readers will have to let me know which scene they think it is after reading it. 

How long can we expect the Brethren series to go on? And do you plan on writing a new series?
I have the third book, Elixxir, nearly done. Then there are three more books planned. After that, there’s a spin-off involving a grown up Hannah, the child from Trinity.

Tell us about yourself Deena.
Nope, I’d rather remain an enigma. Baaah! I will tell you and your readers that I’m an optimistic person who enjoys laughing at jokes. Can’t tell a joke to save my life, but boy can I laugh at them! I can’t live without chocolate or my husband and two daughters. Put on some music and I’ll be up dancing regardless if anyone else is. I crave alone time, but love being social.

I’m getting in the habit of asking this, when you're writing, do you prefer quiet? Or noise?
I prefer SILENCE when I can get it. If not, I put my headphones on and listen to white or pink noise very loudly.

Are you currently reading any books? And who is your favorite author?
I’m in between books right now because I’m busy writing Elixxir, BUT I usually read historical romance while I write. Then, I love romantic suspense for when I have time to get psyched out and dig in to a good long read. My favorite author… there are far too many, but I will mention Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Heather Graham.

Besides your own book, ate you looking forward to any new releases this year?
I had been looking forward to Laura Wright’s Eternal Captive, but it’s out now. I see Jayne Ann Krentz’s Copper Beach is out now, too. So I’m happy.

Thanks again for stopping by Deena and I'm looking forward to getting lost in the pages of the Brethren series this year.
Thank you for a great interview! Don’t worry about getting lost. One of the Brethren will be sure to find you… ;)

About Relic and its Wonderful Author

Raphael, a Brethren Savior, an angel with a forgotten past, has lost his power to heal and is on a self-imposed guilt trip to get it back. If he can’t, his tour of eternal duty as Brethren Savior will be revoked. On his journey, he winds up enmeshed in a web of attempted murder and resurrection all thanks to a woman he’s only seen in a photograph and by chance on an Arizona desert hiking trail.
Serena Sikes is a wanted woman. Desired by “undesirables” for a gift her brother gave her- a stolen relic with suspected healing powers. Hunted down in the Arizona desert and left for dead, she is found by none other than the angel who cannot heal.
Raphael and Serena are inexorably bound together, for locked deep within the relic’s heart had lived the soul of his long lost wife. Now, it resides inside Serena. Evil lurks around every corner as Raphael tries to keep both Serena and his dead wife’s soul alive and lustful temptation at bay.
Three souls bound together by an ancient relic, bound by a timeless gift, and bound by a love that is eternal.

It was the mystique of Arizona’s history and landscape that called to Deena and catapulted her career as an author. When she’s not writing romance novels and poetry in the wee, small hours of the morning or in the deep, dark of night, Deena teaches language arts to middle school students. She currently lives in Gilbert with her husband and two children, but New Jersey will always tug at her heartstrings. She loves connecting with her fans, so find her at

Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter

Book Except:

Serena lay asleep in her hospital bed, a small, seemingly fragile wisp of a woman. The way the setting sun cast a glow about her face, she looked enchanting and more like a delicate flower. He could almost smell the sweet scent of a Lily of the Valley in the air. He shook himself free of his musings as he moved into her room and quietly took a seat next to her.
Glancing around the room, he found the sweet-smelling culprit that had captivated him—a small bottle of perfume. Returning to gaze upon his enchantress, he noticed the bruising along her jaw line much more pronounced since he’d first come upon her. A cold, steel anger welled within him. His eyes trailed down to her slender arm outfitted with an IV, and to all the machines with their bells and beeps.
“I’m sorry, Serena,” he whispered. “You wouldn’t have needed all of this if I could’ve done my job properly.” He bristled in frustration and leaned his head against his arms resting on the bedrail. He noticed her stirring in her sleep. She seemed agitated and surprised him by blindly reaching out to grab hold of his hand.
“Mmm…I cannot die. I am immortal. An feidir le heinne cuidiu liom? Can anyone help me? Graim thu, Raphael, anam chara. I love you, my soul mate.” Serena whimpered and fell silent once again.
The chair screeched across the floor as Raphael sprung out of it like a Jack-in-the-box. Her hand stayed firmly gripped around his, and a flood of memories—well-hidden for centuries—came crashing through unbidden. Sirona, Goddess of Healing—the love of his immortal life, his wife—smiled at him as they walked in the mountains. She bathed him in the hot roman baths. She made love with him under the stars. She was lifeless in his arms as he carried her to her temple. He was asking E.L. to wipe his memory clean of all remembrances of her and to harden his heart.
Raphael wrenched his hand away from Serena’s tight grasp, involuntarily backing up to the door. He clutched his chest over his racing heart, now filled with centuries of unresolved anguish, his mind buzzed with too many questions.
Serena’s eyes fluttered open. He must have had a look of utter horror on his face because she raised her hand to her face shielding the bruise. “It appears worse than it feels,” she stated quietly. “Really. Have you come to fix the TV? They told me someone would be coming by this afternoon to fix it.”
“Uh…no,” Raphael croaked. “I, uh…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’ll be on my way.” I have to get out of here. Who the hell is she, some kind of witch? Why is this happening now? And where do I begin to process what I just experienced?
“But wait. Who are you? Why did you come to my room?”
Now she doesn’t know who I am? What gives? “I’m the one who found you and brought you here to the hospital, actually. I was checking to see how you were doing. Now I see you’re doing much better, so I’m going to leave you to your rest.” Raphael headed to the exit.
“Wait! Please, before you go I’d like to say something.” He turned around slowly and stood transfixed by her glittering emerald eyes. “Thank you. You saved my life, and I’m forever grateful.” She smiled, and her eyes brimmed with unshed tears.
“Make no mistake,” he grumbled. “I didn’t save you. The doctors did. But you’re welcome for bringing you here. Now, I really must go.”
“Hey,” Serena shouted as he walked out the door, “what did you say your name was?”
He stopped but couldn’t face her again. “I didn’t.”

Be sure to catch my review of Relic, which will be posted shortly.

Lata Days..MUAH!
Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)
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Author Interview: Hildie McQueen

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, today the lovely Hillde McQueen has graciously let me interview her about her book Desperate Betrayal.

Welcome Hilde and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.

Hello Sharonda *waving* I’m glad to be here visiting Salacious Reads!

Can you give a little background on this series?

The Protector series is about an army of immortal demon slayers that are dispatched all over the world to different large cities in an effort to control the ever-growing demon population that is threatening to overthrow the natural order by killing humans and other innocents. I start off with Cynden Fraser’s story, a Highland warrior. I love Scots!

Please tell us about the story of Desperate Betrayal and its characters.

When her sister is captured and held prisoner by a nasty master demon, Emma has no choice but to lure Protector warrior Cyn into a trap. Determined to follow through and save her sister, Emma couldn’t have known her feelings for the sexy Protector would be so intense or her imminent betrayal of him so incredibly difficult. Emma and Cyn must work together, each trusting the other through impossible circumstances, if they’re to protect their loved ones and head off one of the most ambitious world domination plans the demons have ever attempted.

Who became your favorite character while writing Desperate Betrayal?

I’m torn on this question because Kieran, Cyn’s brother began to stand out more and more as I wrote this story, I had to be careful not to let him become too strong of a character, I even deleted an entire chapter about him! But of the main characters, I’m a man’s woman, so I absolutely love Cyn, he is awesome and hot too.

Did you always want to be a writer?

No when I was a kid I wanted to be a mercenary, I joined the army as soon as I was old enough only to be placed behind a typewriter as an administrative assistant, I never got to shot anybody. Seriously, I’ve always written, from as long as I can remember I was making up stories.

What or whom inspired this series?

My love of paranormal romance and wanting to know the characters that I read about on a more personal level is what drew me in. As a writer you really get to dissect these people’s personalities. I wanted to write a series that does not apologize for its overabundance of Alpha Males.

Tell us about yourself? What do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m just a regular Jane, married to my best friend, live with two little dogs in a small city in Georgia. I work hard and play hard too. I am in love with my church; I’m always hanging out there and am blessed with tons of amazing friends.

In my free time, I read, shop and spend time hanging out with my girlie-friends. I adore traveling whether it’s across town, the state, the country or the ocean! My hubby calls me Road-Dog-Woman.

I’m getting in the habit of asking this, when you're writing, do you prefer quiet? Or noise?

I write at the dining room table amongst Chihuahuas barking, the hubby’s TV competing with the country music on my kitchen radio and an occasional phone call. I’m pretty good at blocking everything out. So the answer is noise, I suppose.

Are you currently reading any books? And who is your favorite author?

Yes! I am always reading. I just finished re-reading Curse of Gremdon by my BFF Ciara Knight and Embers by Laura Bickle. I am about to start reading The Last Rising by Rachel Firasek, another pal.

I have too many favorite authors to pick just one, but okay. I’ll have to say J.R. Ward.

Thanks again for stopping by Hilde.

I appreciate you welcoming me to do so.

Enjoy a Excerpt from Desperate Betrayal

“Turn around.” His smooth voice flowed over her like velvet.
Emma tried to swallow but her mouth went dry. She turned to find he stood very close.
God help her, she’d never seen a more handsome man than the one who stood before her now. Her body screamed for his touch. She wanted to be with him, her skin against his. But she wouldn’t sleep with him as a form of payment.
What if during sex he sensed that she was part demon and killed her on the spot? But, then again, maybe he would kill her just for saying no.
She forced herself to remain calm, and placed her hand on his chest only to draw it back when the urge to caress him became too strong.
“Listen Cyn. I know most women throw themselves at you. I mean you’re extremely good-lo… but, I, – I am not going to have sex with you, right now. What happened before between us, out there in the alley was because of the rush from the adrenaline after your encounter with the demon…,”She stopped babbling, at a loss for words.
Cyn stood back with his arms crossed while he stared down at her, one eyebrow cocked. His lips curved into a crooked smile.
“I was going move the chair for you and ask you to come sit by the desk, so I could get some more information from you. But I see your mind is on other things.” He leaned in closer to her and his smile widened. “You said ‘not right now’, does that mean we’ll have sex later?”

About the Author
Hildie McQueen is a whirlwind who refuses to wear anything but jeans and heels.

She grew up on the San Diego/Mexico border, joined the military at seventeen and never returned. After living in Germany, Texas and Hawaii, she finally settled in the beautiful southern town of Augusta, Georgia.

Biracial, half Mexican and half African-American, Hildie’s native language is Spanish, but English is her favorite way of communicating now.

Her mission in life is to make as many people as possible to feel normal. It’s an easy thing to do, for others to feel normal around her, because she’s anything but.




Did you catch my review of this fabulous book yesterday. If not, you should....

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Promotional Spot - Avery Flynn

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, today I'm shining my salacious light on Avery Flynn's Dry Creek Series (Book 1 & 2). My review of both books will be a separate post.

Book Blurb (A Dry Creek Bed):

"I do believe I can arrest you for looking at someone like that. You've got to be breaking some indecency laws."

Taking a deep breath, she recovered her bearings. Mostly. "You're out of your jurisdiction, sheriff."

Dry Creek County Sheriff Hank Layton is the stuff of dreams. Nasty, steamy, delicious fantasies that leave Beth Martinez weak-kneed and desperately wanting the man she can never have.

Hank can’t stop thinking about Beth to the point where he’s afraid of becoming permanently bowlegged. And even though the sexual tension between them is thick enough to trip over, she runs every time he chases.

But when a mysterious developer forces her neighbors off their land, Beth becomes the one person standing between the scoundrel and millions of dollars. Only Hank can help her uncover the truth. Together they risk their lives exposing decades-old secrets and learn that everything is not as it seems in their rural Nebraska town.

About the Author:

Avery Flynn, the author of UP A DRY CREEK and A Dry Creek Bed, books one and two in the Dry Creek series set in Nebraska, grew up in a small town in the western part of that state, a far cry from her present day home just outside of Washington, D.C. It was no accident that she went back to her roots for the small town setting for her romantic suspense.

“When I graduated high school,” she says, “I couldn’t cross the state line fast enough. The older I got and the farther I moved away, the more I realized what a wonderful place Nebraska had been to live. I swore I’d set a novel there as a way to give people a look into the amazing folks that live in my home state.”

The name Avery Flynn is a pseudonym for the author who, at least for now, prefers to remain behind the scenes. She believes having Avery as her alter ego is a very good thing because, as she says, “Pen name Avery is way cooler than me. Her favorite color is hot pink. She drinks single malt scotch on the rocks. She loves the Argentinean tango and stays at Iceland’s Ice Hotel.”

Author Avery has been writing since she was a child and her father gave her a baby blue Brother typewriter. She couldn’t read but nonetheless wrote numerous stories about her stuffed animals in gibberish. She hasn’t stopped since, though she maintains that her spelling has gotten much better and she now prefers to write in English.

Today she’s enjoying her own happily ever after with her dashing husband, three crazy kids and two arthritic dogs. She dreams of one day having a floor-to-ceiling library à la Beauty and the Beast and is working to perfect the coffee IV drip.
Twitter: @averyflynn

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Review: Bound

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Blurb

Sixteen year old Arelia LaRue lives in New Orleans where the music is loud, voodoo queens inhabit every street corner, and the ghosts are alive and well. Despite her surroundings, all she wants is to help her Grand-mere Bea pay the rent and save up for college.

When her best friend Sabrina convinces her to take a well-paying summer job at the infamous Darkwood plantation, owned by the wealthy LaPlante family, Arelia agrees.

However, at Darkwood strange things start to happen, and gorgeous Lucus LaPlante insists that he needs her help. Soon, the powers that Arelia has been denying all her life, come out to play and she discovers mysteries about herself that she could have never imagined.

My Review

Bound was hard to put down and I loved the book from beginning to end.

I always say that I love YA novels with a adult feel to it and this was one of those books.

Arelia LaRue is 26 years old and takes care of herself and her grandmere in New Orleans. They are struggling and when Arelia is offered a summer job at Darkwood Plantation where the wealthy LaPlante family lives, its a job she cannot pass up.

I liked Arelia's character. She was 16, but very much the adult. She was the adult because she had to be, she is the primary caretaker of herself and her Grandmere. She also comes from a long line of voo-doo queens and Arelia is a very powerful one, as she was blessed as a baby.

Her grandmother has reservations about Arelia going to the LaPlante Plantation because it is considered to be haunted. But she goes anyway along with her rich friend Sabrina. The longer she stays at the plantation, she will have to use her voodoo powers and now she is also starting to fall for the LaPante heir, Lucas.

The story was very intriguing and appealing. Like I said, I loved Arelia's story. She was a strong person for a girl her age and I liked that. There were some moments when she was the typical teenager (the reason why I don't like reading YA books).

My only complaint is that the book was way too short and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series. I'm inching to find out how Arelia is going to help Lucas free himself of the curse that was cast upon him.

My Rating ~ 5 Black Orchids

Book Information
Format: eBook
Author: Kira Saito
Published Date: October 28, 2011
YA Paranormal
Arelia LaRue #1

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Author Promotional Spotlight: Bound ~ Kira Saito

Hosted by a Bewitching Book Tours, today's salacious spotlight will be on Kira Saito's Bound

Book Blurb

Sixteen year old Arelia LaRue lives in New Orleans where the music is loud, voodoo queens inhabit every street corner, and the ghosts are alive and well. Despite her surroundings, all she wants is to help her Grand-mere Bea pay the rent and save up for college.

When her best friend Sabrina convinces her to take a well-paying summer job at the infamous Darkwood plantation, owned by the wealthy LaPlante family, Arelia agrees.

However, at Darkwood strange things start to happen, and gorgeous Lucus LaPlante insists that he needs her help. Soon, the powers that Arelia has been denying all her life, come out to play and she discovers mysteries about herself that she could have never imagined.

Book Excerpt

It had to work. It just had to. After repeating the chant at least six times, it still didn’t work. “Fine you greedy spirits!” I yelled. It was clear that they wanted more blood. In a rage, I drew more blood, this time slashing my palm. I brought my dripping palm up to Ben’s neck and repeated the chant. After a few minutes, I felt a distinct energy. It was a force within me so incredibly strong that I was convinced that I was able to move a mountain if I wanted to or even get Sabrina to stop talking about boys.

“Arelia what are you doing?” Ben’s voice forced me to open my eyes.

“You’re strangling me.”

I realized my hands were gripped a bit too tightly around his neck. I unwrapped them to find that his wound had completely healed, and his fever was gone. “Ben, you’re okay!” I exclaimed. I gave him an enormous hug.

“Of course, I’m okay,” he said. “I’m just sleepy it was a long night. Tell the alligators and ghosts that I’ll see them tomorrow.” He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

In my excitement, I leapt up, and by sheer impulse gave formerly-shirtless guy a hug. As my body touched his, I could smell him and felt my skin tingle.

Delicious chills overtook my body. He wasn’t wearing any cologne, but he smelt lovely. Warm and familiar mingled with a dash of sadness and danger. I caught myself clinging to him and took a step back in embarrassment. My moment of conquest had quickly passed, and I realized that I was standing next to a swamp, in front of a stranger in a corset and petticoat which basically translated to a bra and underwear. I was horrified.

Formerly-shirtless guy looked at me like the existence of Santa Claus had just been proven before taking off his jacket and wrapping it around me. “You must be cold,” he observed. “Your hand is bleeding.” He ripped a sleeve off of his shirt and covered my palm.

In my state of absolute exhilaration, I had failed to acknowledge the fact that the night had gotten a bit chilly. My entire body was covered in goose bumps, and my hand was leaking blood everywhere. “Why did you follow me?” I wrapped his jacket around me realizing that I was standing in the middle of nowhere with someone who could be a psychopathic, serial killer.

His lips broke out in an amused smile. “Do you think I’m stalking you?” He asked hovering over me. It really sucked being short sometimes. Standing at a measly five foot three inches made me feel as if I lived in a world full of giants. At this moment, formerly-shirtless guy looked like a giant even though he wasn’t freakishly tall or anything, maybe slightly over six feet.

“Well, how else can you explain being here?” I stated what I thought was the obvious. I tried to stand on my toes, hoping to make myself appear taller.

You can buy it here!


Author Bio

Kira is a magic junkie and loves writing YA paranormal romances. Some of her heroes include: Jack the Pumpkin King, Willy Wonka, Larry David, Princess Tiana, the vampire Lestat, Andy and her Maltese Costanza.

Twitter @KiraSaito

Facebook ~

Catch my review up next. This is a really good YA Paranormal read. My only was too short!

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Dirty Little Secret

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by us at Under the Covers. Every Thursday we get to know other bloggers and our readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets. We hope that you will all join us!

To participate in the meme all you need to do is:
1. Be a follower of Under the Covers.
2. Create a post in your blog taking the meme image (code above) and copy instructions.
3. Answer the question we propose! This can be done in any way you like, post a video, write a post etc.
4. Then add your link below back at Under the Covers Blog.

Non-bloggers: We want to hear from you as well!!! Let us know your answer in the comments!

We hope you join us and let us know your Dirty Little Secrets!

This week's question:

Do you prefer your heroes dark and broody? or blonde and boisterous?

Me?...I'll take dark & broody please. hmm...Vishous~BDB, Wraith~Demonica Series (I means he's blond, but tortured). I absolutely love reading dark and tortured males. IDK, just something about them gets me all hot & bothered. Okay I'm off to fantasize.....

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Author Guest Post: Kenya Carlton (Jaded)

Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, today Kenya Carlton will take over an tell us about her latest book Jaded and ghosts...

Black People and Ghosts

Spoiler alert: At the end of the movie The Skelton Key, the Kate Hudson’s character Caroline has been possessed by a black maid that worked for a wealthy white southern family in the 1920’s. As she tests the nice fresh skin of her new body, her brother whose soul has already gotten settled within the shelter of a young lawyer’s bones asked why can’t they ever be black? Caroline replied, “You know the black ones don’t stick around.” (Sic)

The above quote is the crux of the problem with writing African-American ghost stories. There’s no right or wrong; it’s just culturally—black people don’t do ghost.
I have a friend who lives next to a house that’s on the haunted house tour for the lady in white, a woman who had years ago been so despondent after her third miscarriage that she hung herself in the attic. Wrangled into the duties of pet sitting one day, my friend heard something in the attic. I asked her, “Oh God did you go and investigate?” and she replied, “Of course I did, honey. I was really hoping to see that ghost.” Now if this friend had been black, the conversation would have gone more like this. “What did you clock running out of the house?” Reply: “About 80 to 85 mph give or take a couple. I hope those cats have enough to eat for the week.”
In my ghost story Jaded my lead character Mia James is a journalist suffering from symptoms of PTSD and she actually has no idea if what she is seeing is real or if her mind has finally snapped from the pressure. Her cousin Tracy decides to tag along with Mia for her assignment, and when Tracy finds out they are living with a ghost, she is ready to leave that cartoon dust poof in her wake and never look back.
The do we, help the ghost cross over, or don’t we, question is looked at as purely ridiculous by Tracy which causes her to ask, “Why is this our problem?” Her reasonable reaction should probably be explored by more characters in horror books and movies. If everyone asked themselves ‘why’ then there probably wouldn’t be one person to shudder in fear or jump from a shadow. What’s the fun in that I ask you?
Now I don’t want you thinking there is a right or wrong look at my unscientific study, but let’s face it culturally black people and white people are just different when it comes to ghost.

“I was watching poltergeist last night. I got a question, why don’t white people leave the house when there is a ghost in the house...In Amityville Horror the ghost told them to get out the house. White people stayed in there. Now that’s a hint and a half for your ass…” Eddie Murphy,Delirious, 1983

What’s your real life in action ghost story?

Now I have to agree with people don't do ghost, at least I don't. Main reason, I'm too damn scary. I'm leaving and that's it. I'm not asking any questions and I don't want to know if the ghosts is good or evil...nothing, nada. Have I had ghosts encounters...yes & what did I do? Just like I said, I kept it moving. I never gave or will ever give myself a chance to have a ghost story to tell...LOL!

Catch my review for Jaded tomorrow. It's a really good read and you will just love the characters Kenya created.

In the meantime enjoy the book blurb & excerpt below:

By Kenya Carlton
Genre: Mystery/Romance with paranormal elements


War correspondent Mia James is back on US soil and ready to tackle a juicy political story that could make national headlines. A politician’s aid goes missing, and the son of the wealthiest family is the only suspect.

Determined to take down the mayor of the small seaside town, Mia comes up against an angry ghost with her own agenda.

Afraid she may be suffering from post traumatic stress Mia figures that she’s way over her head and enlists the help of resident black sheep Gabe Montgomery. Now, she must solve the mystery of her not so friendly ghost, stop herself from falling in love with the mysterious winery owner, all while making it out alive.


Martin Conway didn’t know what to expect. He idled in his police cruiser on the curb in anticipation of a few ominous clouds or some menacing lightening to strike down on the house. He wasn’t quite sure since he avoided this place as much as possible.

The manor that sat above Vine was a picture of Victorian splendor. Or at least that’s what the welcome brochure to all new tourists had professed.

No one had occupied the oldest standing mansion in town permanently for years and the historical society made sure no one probably ever would. Restrictions had been placed on the home that most modern families weren’t willing to contend with and older homeowners would be too overwhelmed to be bothered. The most that could be hoped for was the occasional renter. So the mansion that encompassed every viable asset that a haunted house possibly ever could, sat empty.

It didn’t matter that the lawn was cut and the bushes were trimmed. Nor did it matter whether fresh paint was applied every other year or so. Right now all that mattered was that he, Martin Conway, had to get his butt in gear to welcome the new residence of Holloway Manor to Vine.

As Sheriff he took his job seriously. Crime was virtually nonexistent. A few run-ins with the local teenagers now and again were the worse offenses he imagined but that was expected in any small town.

Martin turned the ignition off and grabbed his hat. Vibes of intense displeasure seemed to waft his way from the house, with a deep breath he pushed his apprehension to the side and sorted through his thoughts of what to say to the new neighbors of Vine.

"Good Afternoon, Ma'am." Martin tipped his head to the cute little number at the door. Pleasantly surprised he greeted the woman with all smiles.

"Good afternoon, Officer-"

"Conway, Sheriff Conway," he introduced himself.

The look on her adorable face made him forget the regular spiel he had prepared for all the newbie’s that entered town. She was this tiny little thing with big boobs and a nice ass which was a win-win combination in his estimation. Her smooth cocoa skin made his mouth water not to mention her face was kewpie doll cute but her expression told him she was all about being bad. The pool of her brown eyes seemed to suck him into her.

"Where are my manners? Please come in Sheriff. My name is Tracy and this tired piece of trash over here is my cousin, Mia." He followed the woman into the Holloway home to find it was exactly as he had imagined.

Big and creepy!

The structure was the only house that could be seen from the Carlisle hilltop that looked down on Vine. From the door the stained glass windows cast a colorful dance of colors around the front room. A bright and cheery effect that should have appeared fun and joyful, but came across eerie and haunting instead.

White dust cloths covered what he could only imagine was antique furniture. The unlived look probably lent a helping hand to the spooky factor of the estate.
Entranced with the infamous inside interior of the Holloway mansion, he almost stumbled over this woman. Simply stunned into stupidity by her perfect face he missed the hand that she held out to him.

"Mia James, what can I do for you?" His tongue twisted around his mouth. Ordinarily he would be considered a man of authority but this woman made him babble like a fool.

"I uh, I wanted to welcome you to Vine. I saw your truck and thought I would be first to welcome you to our fine city."

"I appreciate that," she replied.

"We have a little picnic scheduled this evening at The Grove and we would be delighted if you could join us." He flashed his pearly smile in hopes it would be enough to persuade them to come.

"Who is we, Sheriff?"

"The Mayor is sponsoring this little shindig to extend his hand of thanks to the people of Vine."

"Special thanks for what?" Mia asked.

"Uh.” Both women stared at him with something crossed between humor and confusion.

"He wants to thank everyone for their support in Vine and continued support when he runs for Congress."

"Well Conway,” Mia began, “that's a mighty fine invitation but I think I'll pass." she touched his elbow, with the sweetest smile. He was so enchanted with the Egyptian shape of her brown eyes that he found himself outside of the front door without the faintest idea how he got there. "Thank you for keeping us in mind."

"But there's barbecue and fireworks," he stupidly stammered.

"Sounds like a true hootenanny of a good time. We will definitely give it some thought." He understood a polite brush off when he saw one. Mia was so gracious he almost didn't mind how she had just kicked him out of the house.

“Oh well.” He stepped off the wraparound porch. Most likely he would see her again around town. Of course, the lack of information about these women would leave room for the Mayor to be unhappy with his fact finding duties.

Martin headed to his cruiser and figured he would go check across town for those vandals that kept spray painting something as silly as ‘Water’ in the quarry. It was the perfect excuse that he was too busy to be nosey if the Mayor asked.

Author Bio

Kenya has a B.A. in Mass communication, Television and Radio. She has fifteen years in production of television and film and five in television engineering. In 2009 Kenya Produced Dawn a short film and Executive Produced Destination Everywhere the pilot for a travel series through her production company Black R.O.K Productions established in 2008.

Leave a comment below, I love seeing them ;)

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Author Interview ~ Rebecca Royce (Embraced)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hi All!,

Hosted by Sizzling PR; Today, Rebecca Royce will talk to me about her book Embraced and the series Conditioned.

Thank you for joining me today Rebecca.
Thank you so much for having me!

Please give us a little background on Embraced and it's characters.

Embraced is the second book in the Conditioned story. The first one was Eye Contact. This story is about a girl named Seven and the man she falls in love with, Ben. Here is a blurb:

Benedicte Lavelle is a single father raising two small daughters. When his neighbors put him in charge of handling the haunting that plagues their neighborhood, he has no choice but to use disreputable means in order to bring in a Conditioned ghost hunter to help with their problem. He doesn’t expect to be drawn to the young woman who arrives at his house in chains. He doesn’t expect to have his entire life thrown into upheaval when she is snatched away.
Conditioned prisoner Seven-Two-Four has never had a name. She cannot read, and is scheduled to die as soon as she is returned to the Institution. The Conditioned are not considered human, but Seven can see ghost energy and she can love Ben like no one ever has before.
When fate takes Seven from Ben’s arms, can he move on and find a new purpose in life or will he be forever trapped by the need to rescue those like his lost love?

How does the idea of "The Conditioned" come about?

I know it’s a frustrating answer but I never know where my story ideas come from. I think that my brain, or my muse, picks up things in various places and then—boom—correlates a complete story for me. Sometimes that happens when I’m in line at the deli. Or sometimes in the shower. But, all of a sudden I have a new idea and I’m never sure where they come from.

Will there will more books in this series? And of so, whose story will next?

There will be many more, hopefully. The next book is yet to be written (its next up on my list) but I’m thinking its going to be Jack’s story. He was in book 1.

I visited your Goodreads page and I see that listed under several Genres. Do you consider yourself to be under one Genre and which one?
Do you perfer the variety?

I am mostly a paranormal romance writer. But, I dabble in Science Fiction romance and I also write in Young Adult and in Fantasy romance. Every once in a while, a straight contemporary but almost never.

I do like the variety and I like that I get to do it. But, I understand that readers think of me as Paranormal Romance writer and I’m happy to continue to do mostly that.

How many series have you written? Can we expect another series after The Conditioned?

I have five series. One is completely finished—The Sexy Superheroes. There is one book left in my Westervelt Wolves book (one is not out yet but written, one left to write) Three left in my YA series. Five left in The Outsiders series and an indefinite amount left in The Conditioned. I also write in the 1NS series for Decadent Publishing but that is a multi-authored series and not mine alone.

I think as long as I am able I will write series. I love them. But, I will never keep four active ones at the same time. Maybe 2. Or 3.

Tell us about yourself? What do you do when your not writing?

I’m a mom of 3 small children, all boys, ages 6,4, and 2. They keep me busy. When I’m not with them, I’m reading, watching movies, going out to eat, travelling, or going to Broadway shows.

How do you relax when you're writing? Do you listen to music? Or do you prefer quiet?

I need noise—like background noise. The kids downstairs, a distant TV, a blender. But, most of the time, its not music. I have to be in a very specific mood to handle music while I write.

Thanks again for stopping by Rebecca and I had so much fun.

Thanks so much for having me. I had a great time.

About Rebecca:

As a teenager, I would hide in my room to read my favorite romance novels when I was supposed to be doing my homework. I hope, these days, that my parents think it was worth it.

I am the mother of three adorable boys and I am fortunate to be married to my best friend. We live in northern New Jersey and try not to freeze too badly during the winter months.

I am in love with science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal and try to use all of these elements in my writing. I've been told I'm a little bloodthirsty so I hope that when you read my work you'll enjoy the action packed ride that always ends in romance. I love to write series because I love to see characters develop over time and it always makes me happy to see my favorite characters make guest appearances in other books.

In my world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will.

I'd love to hear from you!

Google Plus

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Book Spotlight - An Alpha's Path ~ Carrie Ann Ryan

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hosted by Sizzling PR, today I'm shining my salacious light on Carrie Ann Ryan's An Alpha's Path.

Melanie is a twenty-five year old chemist who has spent all of her adult life slaving at school. With her PhD in hand, she's to start her dream job, but before she does, her friend persuades her to relax and try to live again. A blind date set up through her friends seems like the perfect solution. Melanie can take one night away from the lab and let her inner vixen out on a fixed blind date - a chance to get crazy with a perfect stranger. The gorgeous hunk she's to meet exceeds her wildest dreams – be he is more than what he appears and Melanie's analytical mind goes into overdrive.
Kade, a slightly older werewolf (at over one hundred years), needs a night way from the Pack. Too many responsibilities and one near miss with a potential mate made Kade hide in his work, the only peace he can find. His brother convinces him to meet the sexy woman for a one night of fun. What could it hurt? But when he finds this woman could be his mate, can he convince her to leave her orderly, sane world and be with him and his wolf-half, for life?

Carrie Ann Ryan is a paranormal and contemporary romance author. Her first book, An Alpha's Path, is the first book in her Redwood Pack series. She's also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She love meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.

Carrie Ann loves hearing from readers. You can find her at:

Website and Blog / Facebook Author Page / Facebook Friend
Twitter: @CarrieAnnRyan

Enjoy an Excerpt from An Alpha's Path:
Kade could only imagine how she would look with her pale, creamy, skin against his darker, bronze skin. Watching her lashes brush her cheeks as she glanced down at her barely touched meal he knew he wanted to kiss any fears or anxiety she carried away.
Mate? I think it’s time to go upstairs. Don’t you?
He couldn’t agree more with his wolf. But he didn’t want to rush her. No matter what happened tonight, they would be going upstairs – that was a guarantee. What they did once they arrived however – was up to the woman in front of him.
“You look as if you have the same appetite as me.” At the sound of his voice, her head popped up from whatever deep thoughts she was thinking. “What do you say we take a walk around the property?”
“Oh, okay. I guess I am just not that hungry tonight.” She smiled sheepishly as she set down her fork and any pretense of enjoying her food.
“Let’s go then, the check taken care of, so we can take our time tonight.”
She smiled timidly again and grabbed her wrap and black, beaded bag. He fluidly rose from his seat and offered her his hand/
“Where would you like to walk to?” Kade, again, toned down his wolf and waited for Melanie’s reply.
“Our room?”
Her face was still stunning with the shade of beet red it became at her surprising, yet not unwelcome, announcement.
His wolf growled in agreement and preened for attention.
He gave her a smile that promised sinful and wicked deeds.
“That sounds like an outstanding idea, Melanie.”

That sounds like an OUTSTANDING Read!

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Review: Torn ~ Dean Murray

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Blurb

Shape shifter Alec Graves has spent nearly a decade trying to keep his family from being drawn into open warfare with a larger pack. The new girl at school shouldn't matter, but the more he gets to know her, the more mysterious she becomes. Worse, she seems to know things she shouldn't about his shadowy world.

Is she an unfortunate victim or bait designed to draw him into a fatal misstep? If she's a victim, then he's running out of time to save her. If she's bait, then his attraction to her will pull him into a fight that'll cost him everything.

My Review

I enjoyed the story and the adult feel of it.

Alec must protect his family and pack from his rivals pack everyday. So when the new girl move into town, he can't understand why he's so drawn to her. She seems like the typical selfish 17 year old high school girl.

Adrianna isn't exactly happy about the new move her and mom has made. The town is small and the kids seem rich and spoiled. But she now finds herself drawn in between a war between two powerful alphas and their packs.

My Rating ~ 4 Black Orchids

Book Information:
Author Dean Murray
Format - eBook
Published: 10/17/11
Young Adult (YA)
Book 1- Reflections Series

From what I gathered book 2 (Broken) will be from Adrianna's point of view. You can read a sample chapter at the end of Torn.

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Sizzling PR ~ Help Needed

Sizzling PR is looking for hosts. Fill out the form if interested.

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Review: Blood of Inferum Series

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hi All

This review is seriously late and I apologize to the Bewitching Book Tours and the Author Rosalie Lario. But an unexpected emergency came upon me.

I've been itching to read this series because I've heard some pretty awesome things about it and also have been reading equally awesome reviews as well. So when the opportunity came up to review the books, well...I just had to take it.

I have to start off saying I absolutely love the fresh twist on Demons by Rosalie. It's really exciting and each of the brothers stories was just mind blowing. How mind blowing you ask? Well let's just say I finished book two in 1 day and let me tell you, I haven't done that in a while.

This series starts off about 4 half blood demons who are Brothers, each with a different origin. Thanks to their evil father, who is a evil demon with grand delusions of grandeur. He rapes and impregnated different species in the attempt to create his own personal evil army and Keegan and is brothers are the prime of these children.

Keegan and his Brothers are now Interdimensional Bounty Hunters for the Elder Council, each council member represents a different being earth included.

Each book so far has been a non stop enjoyment for me. Each brother has his own personal journey and issues to go throughout each book.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Book 1 ~ Blood of the Demon (Keegan's Story)

Oh! So exiting and fresh. I loved it. Keegan is half cool is that? Keegan falls immediately for Brynn after he kidnaps her in the attempt to get to her before his father Mammon does. She's the key to the destruction of earth. Her ancestor created the Book of the Dead and she is the only one who can read the book. So whomever controls her, controls the book or so they think. The harder he falls for her, he will go against his brothers and the elder council to protect Brynn at all cost. Even giving his own life.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosBook 2 ~ Mark of the Sylph (Taeg's Story)

Taeg is half faerie and wears the most um interesting T-shirts. You have to read the books to find out how interesting and trust me you won't be disappointed. Taeg is looking for a way to redeem himself with is oldest brother and his new wife (of course Keegan & Brynn) he wants to find the ancient sword Excalibur because it would destroy the book that Brynn's ancestor created that controls zombies. In his research, he meets Maya who has a little magic in her as she can see through magical glamour. Once Taeg stumbles upon this, he realizes that Maya can help him find the sword. There's only one problem, because her family was killed my flesh eating demons, she hates demons of all kinds and getting her to help him won't be easy at all....

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosBook 3 ~ Touch of an Angel (Ronin's Story)

Ronin is half angel. The bounty hunting business is really slow and Ronin and his brothers are worried that they will be sent back to Infernum and that wouldn't be good. They finally get a assignment from the council to stop and evil incubus who has some very devilish plans. This incubus is also using succubi's to help him and one night while staking out his house, Ronin and his brothers find out that one of the succubi's is the one who nearly killed him a month earlier. But that's not the only problem, Ronin is falling for Amara in a bad way. Now along with her and his brothers, they have to face not one, but two bad guys.

Okay do you guys know I said there were 4 brothers and we haven't gotten to Dagan's story yet (Call of a Siren). He's the baby of the brothers and I can't wait to read his story. He's the playboy of them and I'm dying to know what female is going to tie this gigolo down.

So with that I also got to read the ARC of Cresso's story. You will read about him in the brothers books.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosBook 3.5 ~ Heart of the Incubus (Novella)

Cresso is a sexy incubus who works in a lab funded by the elder council. He' working on a cure for sex demons where they won't kill their otherworldly mates. He's also falling in love with his co-worker Genevieve, a human who has magical abilities. There's one thing though, she can't stand him.
Genevieve had a bad breakup with her ex and she has written off men like him. Cute, sexy playboys. But she finds herself liking the incubus Cresso more than she should. When she discovers she has a stalker, a sick one at that. She needs Cresso's help and finds out that whether she likes it or not, she's falling for him hard too.

All books were excellent and I love them all. There was a new level of excitement and each one and that is just great ;)

All books is this series gets 5 Black Orchids

Lata Days....MUAH!
Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)

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