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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, today the lovely Hillde McQueen has graciously let me interview her about her book Desperate Betrayal.

Welcome Hilde and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.

Hello Sharonda *waving* I’m glad to be here visiting Salacious Reads!

Can you give a little background on this series?

The Protector series is about an army of immortal demon slayers that are dispatched all over the world to different large cities in an effort to control the ever-growing demon population that is threatening to overthrow the natural order by killing humans and other innocents. I start off with Cynden Fraser’s story, a Highland warrior. I love Scots!

Please tell us about the story of Desperate Betrayal and its characters.

When her sister is captured and held prisoner by a nasty master demon, Emma has no choice but to lure Protector warrior Cyn into a trap. Determined to follow through and save her sister, Emma couldn’t have known her feelings for the sexy Protector would be so intense or her imminent betrayal of him so incredibly difficult. Emma and Cyn must work together, each trusting the other through impossible circumstances, if they’re to protect their loved ones and head off one of the most ambitious world domination plans the demons have ever attempted.

Who became your favorite character while writing Desperate Betrayal?

I’m torn on this question because Kieran, Cyn’s brother began to stand out more and more as I wrote this story, I had to be careful not to let him become too strong of a character, I even deleted an entire chapter about him! But of the main characters, I’m a man’s woman, so I absolutely love Cyn, he is awesome and hot too.

Did you always want to be a writer?

No when I was a kid I wanted to be a mercenary, I joined the army as soon as I was old enough only to be placed behind a typewriter as an administrative assistant, I never got to shot anybody. Seriously, I’ve always written, from as long as I can remember I was making up stories.

What or whom inspired this series?

My love of paranormal romance and wanting to know the characters that I read about on a more personal level is what drew me in. As a writer you really get to dissect these people’s personalities. I wanted to write a series that does not apologize for its overabundance of Alpha Males.

Tell us about yourself? What do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m just a regular Jane, married to my best friend, live with two little dogs in a small city in Georgia. I work hard and play hard too. I am in love with my church; I’m always hanging out there and am blessed with tons of amazing friends.

In my free time, I read, shop and spend time hanging out with my girlie-friends. I adore traveling whether it’s across town, the state, the country or the ocean! My hubby calls me Road-Dog-Woman.

I’m getting in the habit of asking this, when you're writing, do you prefer quiet? Or noise?

I write at the dining room table amongst Chihuahuas barking, the hubby’s TV competing with the country music on my kitchen radio and an occasional phone call. I’m pretty good at blocking everything out. So the answer is noise, I suppose.

Are you currently reading any books? And who is your favorite author?

Yes! I am always reading. I just finished re-reading Curse of Gremdon by my BFF Ciara Knight and Embers by Laura Bickle. I am about to start reading The Last Rising by Rachel Firasek, another pal.

I have too many favorite authors to pick just one, but okay. I’ll have to say J.R. Ward.

Thanks again for stopping by Hilde.

I appreciate you welcoming me to do so.

Enjoy a Excerpt from Desperate Betrayal

“Turn around.” His smooth voice flowed over her like velvet.
Emma tried to swallow but her mouth went dry. She turned to find he stood very close.
God help her, she’d never seen a more handsome man than the one who stood before her now. Her body screamed for his touch. She wanted to be with him, her skin against his. But she wouldn’t sleep with him as a form of payment.
What if during sex he sensed that she was part demon and killed her on the spot? But, then again, maybe he would kill her just for saying no.
She forced herself to remain calm, and placed her hand on his chest only to draw it back when the urge to caress him became too strong.
“Listen Cyn. I know most women throw themselves at you. I mean you’re extremely good-lo… but, I, – I am not going to have sex with you, right now. What happened before between us, out there in the alley was because of the rush from the adrenaline after your encounter with the demon…,”She stopped babbling, at a loss for words.
Cyn stood back with his arms crossed while he stared down at her, one eyebrow cocked. His lips curved into a crooked smile.
“I was going move the chair for you and ask you to come sit by the desk, so I could get some more information from you. But I see your mind is on other things.” He leaned in closer to her and his smile widened. “You said ‘not right now’, does that mean we’ll have sex later?”

About the Author
Hildie McQueen is a whirlwind who refuses to wear anything but jeans and heels.

She grew up on the San Diego/Mexico border, joined the military at seventeen and never returned. After living in Germany, Texas and Hawaii, she finally settled in the beautiful southern town of Augusta, Georgia.

Biracial, half Mexican and half African-American, Hildie’s native language is Spanish, but English is her favorite way of communicating now.

Her mission in life is to make as many people as possible to feel normal. It’s an easy thing to do, for others to feel normal around her, because she’s anything but.




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