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Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, today we have Kelvin O'Ralph, author of LS The Beginning.

Let's start with the Interview, Please welcome Stephen Wilson, the main character in 'LS: The Beginning'

Interviewer: Good day, Stephen. It's nice to have you here.

Stephen: Thanks for having me, Kelvin.

Interviewer: You're welcome. So tell us a bit about your character in LS: The Beginning.

Stephen: Stephen Wilson is a seventeen year-old college student at the University of Sloutenville. He's the son of Mark and Rose Wilson. His parents moved to Africa when he was a baby, but now, Stephen is back to his place of birth to further his education.

Interviewer: Okay. Now, tell us a bit about LS: The Beginning.

Stephen: LS: The Beginning is the first book in Kelvin O'Ralph's paranormal series 'LS'. It's an action packed mystery, filled with romance and fantasy. My character, Stephen Wilson, is the narrator of this book. In other words, everything is seen through my character's eye. The book starts off when Stephen arrives at Sloutenville, which is a fictional city in the US, created by Kelvin. Soon, Stephen meets the lovely Lisa Morgan, and together they travel in a world of paranormal romance and mystery. It's really intriguing.

Interviewer: What's your favorite chapter in LS: The Beginning.

Stephen: I like the chapter where Stephen sees Lisa for the first time. He feels like floating away as his dark brown eyes meet her lustrous hazel eyes. I liked the tension between them as Stephen sat down beside Lisa.

Interviewer: Interesting, I enjoyed that chapter as well. So tell me, who's your favorite co-character?

Stephen: Hmm, this is a tricky one. Most people will be expecting to hear me say 'Lisa', but frankly, I prefer, Julie.

Interviewer: Oh wow, that's a surprise. Indeed, Julie's quite a catch. One last question before we round up, Stephen. If you had a choice to take one thing from set, what would it be?

Stephen: Julie ;)

Interviewer: Hahaha. Nice one, Stephen, very clever, I must say. Well, that's it for today, any last words?

Stephen: Hmm, thank you for having me. Readers, if you want something new other than vampires, witches or werewolves, read LS: The Beginning. I'm not supposed to disclose this, but when you read the last book 'LS: The Final Battle', you'd want to place the 'LS' series in your favorite space on your shelf, and that's speaking from experience.

Interviewer: Well, there you have it. Stephen Wilson, everyone.

Well, that's pretty now we go on to my review.

316 pages
Published 15, 2011
Series: LS #1

I found LS The Beginning intriguing and I loved the idea behind the story. Being that the main characters powers didn't manifest until they met one another through a simple hand shake. Fun, adventure and romance. My only issue was that I thought there should have been a little bit more explanation to things throughout the story, other than that, this quick read seems like it will be a great series for young adults.


Kelvin O'Ralph is a student at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. He is an avid writer and reader, who loves writing Fantasy/Romance novels. LS: The Beginning is the first book in his fantasy series 'LS'. He released the sequel early October 2011.

Kelvin is a huge admirer of Emma Watson, the Harry Potter star and hopes one day she gets to act as one of his characters. Personally, he'd love her to act the role of Lisa Morgan in this book. At least, that's how he envisioned it while writing.
Still in his teens, Kelvin has released four books on Amazon Kindle in 2011. He's working on the final book on the 'LS' series and also on a new project. Like most authors, Kelvin hopes one day his books will be transformed onto the big screen.


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