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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hosted by Sizzling PR, today Bonnie Bliss will interview Neil & Marie from her book Whips & Wax....

Bonnie’s heels clicked against the concrete stairs that led down to the ‘playroom’ as Neil and Marie called it. She had been here before. Last time, she had been flogged by Neil. A shiver ran up her spine, her fingertips brushing the wall, as she used it to keep balance. A note had been left on the front door to just come in, and head to the playroom. It was all that it said. Turning the corner she noticed it was lit by only candles, and it was empty. Swallowing hard, she looked around. Each element was in the same place as before. The room smelled so strongly of oak, and oil. Her gaze shifted to the St. Andrew’s Cross.

What I wouldn’t give…

“Hello Bonnie.” Neil walked in behind her. He cupped her firm buttock and squeezed. “I want you to strip please. If you want to interview me, you have to give me something in return. Down to your underwear please, then I’ll cuff you.”

Bonnie felt the need to refuse him. Although Neil was her wildest fantasy, she couldn’t believe in that moment she was prepared to hand over all control to him. She parted her lips, a breathy whisper coming loose.

“Whe-where is Marie?”

“Strip, now.” Neil was having none of it. “Marie isn’t here, it’s just you and me Miss Bliss.” He felt a tingle in his groin as he admired her curvaceous body.

His command boomed off the hard walls of the playroom and she found herself complying. Even as she spoke again.

“But, but you don’t share…” She trailed off, catching the look in his eyes that left no room for refusal. She gave off a small whimper, and righted herself.

She had the instinct to cover up her body. Clad only in a white lacy bra and matching white thong, she shifted from one foot to the other.

“I know but I like you, I’m having you today. Stand with your back to the cross, I’m going to cuff you to it. Take your bra off first though. I want to see your breasts.” He went to the cupboard and fetched Maries pink cuffs and readied himself as Bonnie did as ordered.

Would Marie be mad at her? Did she really want this interview that bad?

Oh God yes!

Reaching back on shaky fingers she unhooked her bra. The cool air hit her breasts and she shivered as her nipples hardened. The sharp feeling seemed to travel straight to her clit, making her wet. Bonnie backed into the Cross and lifted her arms. Nerves and excitement mixed to create a fantastic bundle of lust.

Neil cuffed her ankles first then slowly moved up, admiring her soft mounds, the hard nipples. He cuffed her wrists and stepped closer. Slowly he kissed the right nipple, pulling her breast out, his lips circling her hard nub. She tasted divine. Her eyes closed at his touch.

“Good girl.” He stepped back and slipped a finger to V of her crotch, the tip of the index traced the line of her pussy, the hard ridges swollen. “My you are wet Miss Bliss. I think I should take a look.” Neil pushed his fingertip to the top of the thong and slowly pulled it down. Her light dusting of pubic hairs were exposed. More thong came down, the clitoris on view, the clam like folds, glistened in the candle light.

“So, ask me a question.” He slipped his finger up her folds, parting them, exposing the wet pink flesh beneath.

Questions? What questions? Oh, that’s right, I’m here to ask him questions.

She couldn’t take the focus off his touch. The way he slowly pulled her panties down. How his hot breath lingered on her flesh. Her closed eyes served to only intensify the experience. Taking a deep breath, she tried to focus. Even if that was becoming increasingly hard.

“Is there a fantasy that you would like to do, that you have never told Marie about?” It came out in a rush. Her voice whimpering, bordering on a beg.

“I’d like to tie her to a tree and slowly cut her clothes off with the chance of someone seeing us.” He pressed harder into her pussy, not going as far as to penetrate her but enough to put pressure on her flesh.

“Would you like me inside you Bonnie?”

Her thighs were quivering. Juices gathered inside her and she let off a little mewling sound before looking down at him. Just her gaze followed the path to see him down between her legs. To have a Dominant man, this powerful, between her legs was so hot she didn’t know how to answer. She knew that Marie would be livid if she came home to this. God, the woman worshipped this man. But—would Neil really do something behind her back?

Direct questions needs an answer Bonnie, get it together woman.

“No, I mean, I do, but…” She let out an exasperated sounds and fisted her fingers.

“Oh you do, ok.” Neil went to the table and picked up the crop. He pressed the leather tip to her clit. “I would never be unfaithful to my wife, just so you know.” He flicked the tip, the shaft of the crop flexed and whipped that pink pearl with a sting.

The first bite of leather against her sensitive little nub made her body jerk. Fresh cream spilled from her opening and she let out a very loud moan. Her body settled into the feeling of pain as it collided with her pleasure, her body shivering wildly in the aftermath of the very first slap of the crop.

“Would you ever allow Bonnie to be spanked by someone else, while you watched? She is an exhibitionist, are you?” Her voice wavered on words, till she finally got the whole thing out.

“No, I wouldn’t. I’m her Dom, she’s mine. I wouldn’t let anyone do anything to me and I don’t want anyone doing anything to her. I will give her anything she wants. If she wanted to go down that road I guess I’d have to relent, though I wouldn’t want to.”

There was a moment for Bonnie to reflect on that. The brush of cold air over her skin kept her nipples hard, and made the juices on her thighs feel chilly. She licked her lips and smiled. He was watching her, looking her body over, and she couldn’t miss the outline of his hard, and very thick cock under his black pants. Bonnie bit down on her bottom lip and blinked, her brain fogged over as she realized she wanted to know what that would feel like inside her. Bound and at his mercy. He was waiting for her next question she realized and she shook her head. Her arms were starting to ache, her pussy was starved.

“What about punishments? We don’t see Marie do a whole lot of bad, she is a relatively pleasing submissive. Does she ever misbehave? What punishment does she hate the most?”

Neil was thinking about his last answer, had he the right to stop Marie having her ultimate exhibitionist thrill? He flicked the tip of the crop. His cock was straining and in a moment of need he hooked the waistband under his balls. The full length stood rigid, pointing at Bonnie, the tip dripping. He flicked again, stinging that swollen clit.

“Marie is always bad, that’s a purposeful intention to get me to punish her when we get special time. She hates gags, although she is getting used to it more.” He stroked his cock, Bonnie’s bare pussy was very tempting indeed.

He was eyeing her between her thighs, the effects of his gaze was evident on her thighs. The glistening juices, a testimony to how good of a Dom Neil really was. She had planned out a whole list of questions, and with each flick of his crop she lost total focus. The sharp sting was like pleasure wrapped in warm chocolate. It heated her to the core and brought forth deep whimpers. Bonnie realized her hips had pushed out as best as they could, silently begging for more.

“Do you think Marie would allow you to play with other women? Spank, tease, like you are doing with me…” She paused. “Fuck them with a dildo, while she watched? She is a voyeur.”

“Marie wouldn’t off her own back. If I told her to do it yes, maybe. If she was here now, knowing the reason you’re here, I might make her eat you out while I watched. I might make her finger you or wear a strap on and fuck you. Would that be something you’d like Bonnie? In truth Marie and I prefer to be monogamous and I’d like to keep it that way. I'm simply making your interview more...pleasurable.”

There was a pause in the play. Her body ached so desperately that she was ready to scream. His answers were delivered with such a cold expression, yet the power of his words resonated through her. So many people assumed with BDSM came a polygamous life style. That couples were more open to share because they were kinky. The little time she spent with Marie, she knew that she would do what her Sir told her, yet she knew that Neil, as her Sir, knew exactly what Marie needed. They were perfect for one another and she couldn’t help but allow the dopey smile that pulled up the corner of her lips.“You really love her don’t you?”

Neil stepped closer, putting his lips to her ear.

“You really need to ask?” He whispered. The tip of the crop flicked against her clit with a trembling movement, teasing it, making it swell and ache as he answered the question.

“I love her more than life itself and I consider my life to be to give her exactly what she needs and desires. No more questions Bonnie, cum for Sir.” The leather square spanked her blood filled clit and her body responded. Neil knew what she needed and he gave her it.

It felt like tiny pinches were being inflicted on her engorged clit. Each snap was a new lap of fire in her veins and she was ready to explode. All she needed was his words, all she wanted was to get off. The pain melted into blinding pleasure as she threw her head back, dropping between the gap in the cross and she cried out.


Clearing her throat she smiled as she tried to tame the wicked blush that lit fire to her cheeks. Well, now that we all have, well, hm, some insight into the mind of the Dom we lovingly call Neil when he doesn’t have us tied in his playroom. I would like to welcome you to read an excerpt into the play with Marie and Neil. I would also like to invite you to watch that trailer and follow me on all my sites that will be listed below. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have all bought your copy of the books that follow this naughty married couple.

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