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Monday, February 13, 2012

Hosted by Sizzling PR, today Shadonna Richards is stopping through to talk her book An Unexpected Bride.

Welcome Shadonna!

Hi, everyone!

I’m Shadonna, author of An Unexpected Bride, a romantic comedy about Emma Wiggins who is about to marry her heart-stopping, gorgeous boss, CEO Evan Fletcher in seven days. Only he doesn’t know about it yet! Since An Unexpected Bride centers around the theme of weddings, I thought I’d make a fun list, based on research and funny wedding videos I’ve seen. Here’s an unofficial list of the Top 10 Wedding Bloopers. Of course, Emma has the number one spot. Check this list out:

10. The minister forgot to show up
9. The groom forgot the bride’s name
8. The bride forgot the groom’s name
7. The ring bearer disappeared with the ring
6. The bride fainted
5. The groom fainted
4. The minister fainted
3. The bride fell into the pool (the wedding was by the poolside)
2. The dog stole the show
And the number one spot goes to Emma Wiggins from An Unexpected Bride
1. The bride forgot to tell the groom they were getting married

Hope you enjoyed the list. I thought I’d leave you with a synopsis of An Unexpected Bride. Enjoy.

Desperate to fulfill her ailing grandfather’s last wish to see her settle down and get married, Emma Wiggins, a 30-year-old, career-focused executive tells him a little white lie on his deathbed that she is in fact engaged--to her boss, deliciously handsome and emotionally unavailable, Evan Fletcher.

The situation takes an unexpected turn when her grandfather's condition improves slightly and to her shock, he goes ahead and arranges a wedding ceremony at his hospital bedside before he passes on. Now, all Emma has to do is convince unsuspecting, commitment-phobic Evan to tie the knot with her in seven days. Can love blossom in the most unlikely situation?

Thanks so much Shadonna for stopping by! And now for the Giveaway...

Shadonna has so graciously offered a copy of An Unexpected Bride. All you have to do a leave your name and email address in the comment section below...yup, that's it ;) but if you like please comment about a wedding blooper...

Thanks and be sure to catch my review later today..

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)


  1. Thanks so much for having me as a guest on your fabulous blog! Hope you and your lovely readers enjoy the list.
    Shadonna :-)

    1. Thanks Shadonna for guest blogging today. It was totally awesome! And An Unexpected Bride rocks.

  2. I love the storyline! Sounds like a fantastic read.
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  3. Haha! Love the list! I can't think of a funny one myself, but no. 1 on your list has me excited to read this book. Thanks for the chance:)


  4. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
    :) Jeanne,

  5. Hysterical list. I laughed sooo hard! Sounds like a great book. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.


  6. These kinds of stories are so much fun - I's love to read how it works out.
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