Monday Reads

Monday, February 6, 2012

mmmm...well I've been reading a lot of review books lately & I haven't even gotten a chance to touch my TBR pile Smiley

So, I'm going to start one this weekend and it will be....

Jim Bucther's Ghost Story.

ISBN-13: 9780451463791
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Publication date: 7/26/2011
Pages: 496
Series: Dresden Files Series, #13

I'm in love with Harry Dresden Smiley. Sure he's not your drop dead gorgeous male lead, but it's just something about him that's....hmmmm....don't quite know what to name my obsession with him. I just dig his stories. There hard and gritty and yeah there's some love in there too...

If you haven't read any of Mr. Dresden should, you don't know what you're missing...

Lata Days..MUAH!
Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)


  1. I'm a Dresden fan too. Ghost Story starts a little slow and could be 100 pages shorter, but the ending is a stunner and sets up how the series will go.

    If you haven't seen the cable show, I'd recommend it despite some significant changes from the books, especially with the casting of the character of Morgan.