Spotlight: Tri Destiny Publishers

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today is being done a little different. I'm spotlighting a publisher! Tri Destiny is new on the block and is looking for authors. Take a look....

Tri Destiny Publishing - A publishing company with a new concept: Help new authors hone their writing skills, build a better author platform to reach fans, and provide authors with the best resources possible in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We pride ourselves on giving authors the personalized attention they deserve, start to finish. We believe in collaborative processes, from cover art to editing, working together to build the best book possible. In an industry-first partnership with Autography, LLC, we provide authors a platform from which to personalize and sign their eBooks in the same way they sign their print copies.

Tri Destiny Publishing has no “formula” or “mold” and we encourage thinking outside the bounds of the ordinary subjects and styles. We have a continuous open call for submissions from authors who write what they love, not what we tell them to write; guidelines can be found on our website.

SIzzlin’ Books – Tri Destiny Publishing’s spicy romance line. Unlike the mainstream romances offered through Tri Destiny Publishing’s website, Sizzlin’ Books offers readers a wider range of subjects (paranormal, supernatural, BDSM, ménages, LGBT, and anything else our authors can imagine) with varying heat levels. We provide a “Sizzle Scale” so, as always, our readers know exactly what to expect when they buy from the Sizzlin’ Books line.

Much like Tri Destiny, Sizzlin’ Books has a very open policy on submissions and content. Our guidelines can be found on our website. We encourage all authors who are unsure if their manuscript would be a good fit for the Sizzlin’ Books line to send a query letter to us.

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