Tour: Cursing Athena by Lisa Sanchez (Character Interview)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today, Lisa Sanchez will be talking with Ty from her book Cursing Athena. Lisa, you have the floor...

Happy Monday, peeps! Lisa Sanchez here. I’ve got a real treat for you today. I was able to convince Ty (the hero from my upcoming release, Cursing Athena) to join us for a quick Q & A session. Woot!

A low rumble escapes Ty’s throat from where he’s seated across from me at my kitchen table.

“Convinced my ass,” Ty grumbles. “I’m here against my will. I don’t have time for this shit.” He swipes a thumb across his mouth before crossing his arms over his chest, then shifts, looking as though he can’t get comfortable in his chair. “Damned task master.”

In truth, Ty looks like a giant sitting at a toddler table, his massive two hundred plus pound frame a formidable presence in my home. Blond, built and angry, he looks a lot like the dude that played Thor in the movies (Chris Hemsworth), and I’m both infatuated and intimidated by him.

I clear my throat and ignore his surly demeanor. “Your story is coming out in a few days. We need to let people know about you. How about we start with some easy questions, yes?”

Ty, clearly annoyed, beams me with a heated stare, but says nothing.

Voice shaky, I square my shoulders and meet his glare head on. “Height and weight, please.”

Ty mumbles something that sounds a lot like “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me”, leans forward and places a large, tanned hand on my kitchen table. “6’3, 265 pounds.”

His deep, blue eyes captivate me despite the irritation hiding behind them, and I temporarily lose focus. He raises a brow, no doubt aware of the effect he has on me (and everyone, I assume) and casts me a knowing smile. “That all you got, boss?”

I frown. “No. You know damn well I’ve got more questions for you.” Irritated with myself for drooling over him like a pathetic groupie, I clear my throat and move on. “Favorite food?”

“For the love of Hera! Seriously?” He frowns, clearly annoyed with my choice of question, but finally gives in with a weighted sigh. “I enjoy all food, but if you’re going to make me choose I’ll just say beef. Preferably rare.”

Delicious warmth radiates up my cheeks as I let my eyes wander over the broad expanse of his chest. The simple black T-shirt he’s wearing hugs his chest as though the fabric is as enamored with him as I am. The worn jeans and boots he wears are hidden beneath the table and out of view, but the memory of the way they hung low at his waist and molded perfectly to his ass remained. I want to know the answer to the next question as much as I assume my readers do. “Boxers or briefs?”

My question prompts an eye roll that’s quickly followed by a wicked grin. “Neither. I find undergarments to be…too constricting, so I don’t bother with them.”

My face flushes further and my pulse skyrockets. Thank goodness I’d thought to pour myself a glass of water before the interview. I quickly down it and do my best to compose myself while Ty laughs at me from his seat. Cheeky bastard!

Thankful my next question is of a serious nature, I cross my knee over my leg and lean forward. “What do you live for?”

The playful grin he wears disappears instantly, and is replaced by a look of sheer ferocity as he straightens himself in his chair. “Wrong question, boss. It’s who do I live for, and the answer is Danika.”

Engrossed by the level of feeling rolling off him, I quietly urge him to continue, and am relieved when he obliges.

“For the past millennium…” Ty shakes his head, pauses, and then curses under his breath. “Let me try again. My whole life I’ve known only one thing: bloodshed. I’m a soldier, a warrior, born and bred to kill. I was raised to wage war on others, to win. At all costs. Fighting was my life, what I lived for…until her. Until Danika.”

The storm raging in his eyes dissipates as he speaks of his life mate, a gentle expression of love spreading over his handsome features.

“She is the antithesis of everything I know. Beautiful, gentle and pure, she is a beacon, the sole light in my dark universe…” He pauses for a moment, and in that short span of time, the savagery that clings to him like a second skin returns tenfold. “…the only good thing in my life. I work for Athena, but I kill for Danika. To protect her, to keep her safe.”

Moved by his candid answer, I sit and stare at him, misty-eyed and in awe, unable to recall the rest of my questions.

Clearly uncomfortable, he rocks back in his seat before standing. He raps his knuckles against the table and gives me a nod. “We done here, boss?”

At a loss for words, I smile and nod, then manage to stumble over my words as I thank him for his time. He chuckles, gives me a playful salute, and with a wink and a smile that makes me blush, shows himself out.

Wow! Be sure to catch my review of Cursing Athena...

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  1. Loved it! Character interviews are so fun. This book sounds great. I like the Greek mythological influence.