Author Interview: Rebecca Royce

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Fabulous Rebecca Royce is stopping through again to talk her new Shifters & Bikers Series.

Hi Rebecca and welcome back to Salacious Reads.

Please tell us about the Shifters & Bikers series?
It is a subseries from Decadent Publishing’s series The Edge. They are very hot, very short (one scene) snippets of a couple’s interactions. The stories are meant to push The Edge.

How did you come up with the concept for this series?
I wrote one and then the stories just kind of told themselves.

What can we expect from this series?
Hot. Hot. Hot. And more Hot.
Did any of the character become your favorite while writing the books?
I really loved all of them. It was fun to have just a moment with each of them.

You have three books is the series so far, correct? Can we expect more books in the series?
There are a total of four.
When you’re ready to write a book/series, how to you come up with your characters?
They kind of just present themselves to me.

How much time do you allow yourself between books/series?
A day maybe. I’m always writing.
Any pet peeves you have when you’re writing?
Self-doubt but it is an old friend of mine…

When you’re not writing, what’s your favorite thing or things to do?
Broadway Shows.

What you do like for readers to take away with them when they’ve finished one of your books?
I hope they liked spending some time with my characters.

Thanks so much for stopping through Rebecca
Thank you!!

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  1. Ooh Bikers! I had not heard of this series. It sounds fun.

  2. Just found out about this series. Sounds amazing. Can't wait to pick them up.