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This week's question:
Now that Lover Reborn has come and passed, what book are you most looking forward to?!

Haven't read a Kenyon book in a while & I love her Leagues Series. I'm waiting on this one ;)


  1. I haven't read any of Sherrilyn Kenyon yet, although I own two of her books.

    New follower!

    Here's our DLS


  2. She's been on the back burner for me lately, i hope to get around to reading more of her work soon though!

    Here's my DLS this week: http://ttoria.blogspot.com

    Vix :-)

  3. Hmm I haven't read this series of hers yet. I love the Dark Hunters though!
    My DLS

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  4. HI :)
    I need to read this, I've heard great things about Sherilyn Kenyon!!

    New Follower,

    My DLS

  5. I haven't read a Kenyon book yet. I'm a bit embarrassed by this fact as it seems everyone has and is a big fan so I guess I need to get on it!

    Here's Mine:


  6. I just read the first book in this series last month and enjoyed it!
    My Dirty Little Secret

    Amanda @ Sisters Unedited

  7. I've never read her League Series, I am only up to Ash in her DH series. I love Ash!!!

    My Dirty Little Secret:

  8. I'm currently reading my first Sherrilyn Kenyon book :) I'm reading Night Pleasures and it's sooo good!
    +New follower :)
    Here's my Dirty Little Secret post

    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  9. I need to start Kenyon's books one of these days. There are just so many that it's kinda scares me. LOL!


  10. Don't hit me! But I don't read her books in order hahaha. Imay check this one out.


  11. Hi Ann...me either lol!

    Cimmaron...yup there are a lot of them :)

    Miss Kimberly...ooo enjoy!

    RedHead Bookword...I'm following you too :) & Ash totally has my heart

    Sisters Unedited...I'm glad you enjoyed it...there are alot of books in this series, but she did put it out there that you don't have to read them in order...

    Miss Vain...I'm following you ;) I think you will like her books

    Ning start with Ash's book..you will be happy & crying at the same time...best book in the series I think..

    Viktoria...same for me, I have to start reading her books again..they really are good

    Jamie..start one, you will love it :)


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