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Today L.J. Hadaway is taking over to talk about her book Dark Side of Purgatory.

Linda Hadaway

Dark Side Of Purgatory

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When someone asks me to tell them about Dark Side Of Purgatory, I say it’s a novel about addiction, recovery, and hope, with a paranormal twist.

I’ve worked in the chemical addiction field for many years. After having published two other books, I decided I wanted to write a novel about addiction. Something that any reader could pick up and find entertaining-as novels go- and yet, gain some insight into how the addictive person thinks. What makes a person keep drinking- or using- after they have lost their job, their family, their home? How does someone get so lost in the insanity of addiction- they can’t find their way out? If you’ve ever known- or loved- someone who has been an alcoholic or addict, you’ll probably relate to Jaxon’s family.  You might even relate to Jaxon.

By L.J. Hadaway

Jaxon Slater was the life-of-the-party- guy until one day he woke up in Purgatory. He runs into a mean  bunch of unlikely guide and... possible redemption. His quest is finding a certain young  woman and steering her away from the path of Destruction that killed him. He will need to face the wreckage of his past. Old temptations linger. Dark forces shadow his path.

Book Trailer

Book Blurb 
Everyone knows Jaxon Slater. He’s the life-of-the-party guy. He’s the fun guy we want to invite to our out door barbeques but not marry our daughters. He is our nephew, the next-door neighbor who drinks too much, a friend of a friend that overdosed on heroin. He’s the class clown in high school that was always in trouble from drinking and driving.

Jaxon Slater has ‘pushed the envelope’ and tried to scam his way through most of his life. He’s charismatic and good-looking. Many things come easy to Jaxon. Sobriety isn’t one of them. He’s tried staying clean numerous times but always falls  back into relapse, using one more time. His long time sponsor had warned him plenty... His last use of heroin landed him dead-in Purgatory.

Jaxon believes he is having a terrible nightmare until he finds an old friend and recalls how he died. Reality sets in and Jaxon begins to learn the rules of the strange land. He runs into a mean bunch of guys, an unlikely guide and... possible redemption. His quest is to find a certain young woman and steer her away from the path of Destruction that killed him. In doing so, he will need to face the wreckage of his past. Old temptations linger and Dark forces shadow his path. Jaxon has no idea his journey will take him to an abyss of his deepest fears

About the Author:

I live in a small town in Washington State near the Cascade Mountains. I have worked in the Human Services field for thirty years, mainly in chemical addition. My writing genre has taken me to different arenas: suspense- One Step Ahead Of Danger, contemporary-Life Choices and now, with Dark Side Of Purgatory, the paranormal. 
Writing has always been a great passion of mine and seeing my books published in the last few years, has certainly made my dreams come true.

I hope that you, the reader, will share your thoughts about this book with me. Please drop me a line at:
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Thank you for reading…..If you have a “Jaxon Slater” in your life, please remember him in your prayers. There’s always hope.

Linda is giving away a ebook copy of Dark Side of Purgatory, just leave a comment with your email address & pick a winner. Also, 2 print copies are being given away tour wide, Go HERE/TOUR GIVEAWAY to enter.

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