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Friday, May 25, 2012

If you've read my about me, then you know that I pretty much love graphic design, and I love it with a passion! I like messing around with Photoshop as well as Dreamweaver. For those of you who don't know what Photoshop is, it's an adobe software that allows you to create/tweak/edit all of your photos. Also, it lets you create graphics from scratch. Dreamweaver is also an adobe software, this program lets you design and build your website from scratch.

Okay, enough of that... let's get to the good stuff! In this past week, I've been creating Series Buttons. So far, I've created seven buttons for the numerous amount of book series that I love. So, without further ado, here are the buttons...


These are the buttons that I could muster up in my spare time, I know some of them aren't really great, and laaawd knows that I know that. But, I figured I'd post them on my blog anyway. I created a "Buttons" tab on my menu bar. There you can find these buttons and the codes so that you can put them on your blog/website. I do take requests. There is a request form on that page, just scroll down and you'll see it... it really isn't hard to miss ;) You will only see a "Series" section, that's because I've yet to get started on anything else... so don't hesitate to ask for a claim button or simple word buttons for books/series you love (ex: True? - Feel Me? - MINE - Wraths Shellan etc.) I don't charge to make these buttons, I like creating graphics and messing around with Photoshop, so ask away :)

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