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Vamping it up

I remember a few years ago as I delved into my dragon shifters and wrestled with my Angels and Demons, saying flat out I would never write about vampires. I mean, there are so many great books out there already, I didn’t have anything fresh or interesting to bring to the table.
Flash forward...

I’m lying in bed trying to sleep (one of the few quiet times I have to do the creative thing) when a new character wakes up in my head.
She sidles up to me and whispers, “Hello.”
“Hi,” I reply. “Who are you?”

“The name’s Niki. And do I have a story for you.” Then she flashes me a grin, complete with fangs. I jump back from the sight, hands up, shaking my head.

“B-but you’re a vampire,” I tell her. “I don’t write vampires.”
Her eyes shone, red bleeding into the color. “You do now.”

The next morning she was still there, hovering in the back of my mind. Little by little, she introduced me to her lover, Shane, and a whole new world of vampires, shifters and magic.

Niki was such a pain, I couldn’t ignore her.
When I finally listened, I realized my vampires don’t follow the standard conventions.
They can get a tan, though the sun will weaken them. The whole Holy Water & garlic doesn’t do a thing except leave you with a pissed off, damp, vamp.

They drink blood, but a nice gourmet meal will help them keep that whole humanity thing going. Like anyone, a liquid diet makes them true monsters of the dark.

Stakes hurt, but to truly kill a vampire in my world, it’s off with their heads or they’ll be back.
They’re supernatural beings, fast and strong, but under it all, they still face the same emotional needs as anyone.

In the end, they want to belong and to be loved.
Did I bring anything new to the world of vampire stories? Maybe.
Most of all, I hope what I brought was Niki and her story of hope and love and redemption.

Q4U: What’s your favorite thing about vampires?

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Heart of a Vampire Book 1
Release Date: April 13, 2012
Paranormal romance

Short Book Blurb

When duty forces a shaman to stop a vampire from her revenge, love doesn’t just burn... it bites.

For two hundred years, Niki DeVeraux has been tracking the monster who murdered her family and made her a vampire. She finally catches up to him only to face more than she bargained for in a too-sexy sheriff who makes her remember she’s still a woman. With duties as Keeper of the peace and Sheriff, Shane Spencer must protect humanity and stop the friction between the local Arcaine races before it turns into an all out blood war.

When wolves start turning up dead, the tension between the races grows and suspicion falls on Niki. Shane knows she’s not to blame, and it has nothing to do with the primal urges she stirs within him. Working together, they must stop the hostilities from going over the edge. Trouble is, the desires raging between them might prove more dangerous than the surrounding threats.

About Your Author

One of those rare breeds, Amber Kallyn is an Arizona native who can trace her family's history through six generations in the state. She lives with her sexy husband, and their four very active children. Included in the menagerie are two cats (though there's always room for more) and two dogs. We won't count all the fish. She also writes urban fantasy under the name Higley Browne.

Amber loves the paranormal, from dragons to werewolves to vampires. She's currently at work on her next book, probably running around the house acting out a fight scene with her collection of swords and daggers. Or maybe, wishing she had claws to practice the other fight scenes.

A voracious lover of the written word, Amber found at an early age that she could read fast. Really fast. She devours novels by the day, novellas by the hour, and is always looking to get her hands on more.!/AmberKallyn
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  1. Hi Sharonda,
    Thanks so much for having me over today. Sorry I'm so late, I've had internet issues most of the day.

    Best, Amber

  2. Cool Book Cant Wait To Read It.

  3. I don't think I'll ever get bored of vampire books! I'm always looking to add another to my shelf/kindle. Well, unless the vampires are sparkly though, cause that's just wrong!
    I like that your vampires aren't affected by garlic and holy water! :)

    I like how vampires are immortal, although that would probably suck if you were stuck in a job you hated for eternity!

  4. Just wondering, where did you get the idea of the sheriff being a Shaman from? It's not something I've really heard much about :)

    1. Hey Sarah,
      True, but luckily we can change jobs. And if you had a really good invesment plan, well then :) As for Shane being a shaman, I love Native American culture and history, their connection with the earth and how they believed that was where magic came from.

  5. Hi Amber! I'm oats too;) thanks for gracing my lil ol blog...

  6. Thanks for stopping through guys! Much appreciated:) I'm going to run the giveaway for one more Day to see if we can get some more comments. Remember share this post ;)

  7. I can never get enough vamp stories either. ;)
    I love how you describe Niki coming to you. And the different vamp world that you have developed.

  8. Hey Tina,
    Thanks :) And thanks for coming by.

  9. And the winner of the $5 prize is April :)

    Congrats! You'll recieve an email from me.

    Remember, the $20 prize for the person who comments on the most blogs during the tour is open until May 17th.


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