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Monday, May 14, 2012

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Hi Guys!

Please welcome WJ Craft today. She'll be talking About her book Chick In Charge.

The forbidden fruit tempts all the more, am I right? This has been
true since time immemorial, since Aesop’s fox jumped for the fabled
grapes, and probably even before that.

I know I certainly get excited by erotica that goes beyond the
vanilla. One man, one woman... that’s nice and all, but when one or
both of them has something unusual going for them, that’s when it gets
really interesting.

That’s what draws people to erotica involving vampires... and
werewolves... and perhaps even alien creatures. Boundaries get pushed,
new kinks are discovered. That’s a lot of why I wrote Chicks in Charge, which is just as much science fiction with erotic content as
it is erotica with a science fiction slant.

The other reason I wrote it is because I don’t like stories where the
woman is a wimpy damsel in distress. Sure, she can be in danger, maybe
the guy even comes to her rescue at some point, but there’s always a
moment when it’s clear that the woman is really the one in charge of
the relationship, even tangentially. If a male alien is invading
Earth, it’s because his female queen wants it so. If a man tries to
take advantage of a woman, she’s the one who gets the last laugh.

A perfect example is in this excerpt from my short, “The Zap App.” The woman is attacked by the male co-worker, but check out who’s really in
control of the situation, with the simple tap of a button:

* * *

The next day, she made a few alterations to her application, reversed
a few things, and then waited for Richard to make his morning
appearance. She didn’t have long to wait.

“Good morning,” he said, right behind her ear.

“Good morning, Richard,” said Veronica, then she tapped the button.

Instantly the sound of coffee splashing all over the floor met her
ears, and she turned to see her nemesis staggering backwards until he
crashed into the cubicle wall, which threatened to topple into the
next space over. His eyes were partly rolled up into his head and he
was moaning and gasping, his twitching body slowly sinking
horizontally onto a filing cabinet. With a grin that was triumphant,
surprised and slightly sadistic, she tapped the button again to see
what would happen when she turned the app off.

A noticeable wet stain at the front of a medium-sized pants tent
caught her attention. Had the poor man wet himself?

“Ohgod,” was all he could manage for at least five minutes as he
recovered. Veronica began to wonder if she should call a medic, and
coworkers started to crowd in her doorway to see what the hell had

“It’s all right,” she reassured them. “Still working on that epilepsy
app. Must have reversed something.”

“That was... that was...” Richard spit out, trying to regain the gift
of language. “Fucking incredible...”

Confused, Veronica stared at him.


“Incredi... mind-blowing. Best orgasm ever...”

Now that, she hadn’t expected. But something about it sounded vaguely
familiar. She turned her back on her human lab rat as the embarrassed
coworkers made themselves useful elsewhere. A quick search on
“epilepsy” and “orgasm” brought up research on the phenomenon known as
the “orgasmic aura,” a state of spontaneous climax that some epilepsy
victims experienced at the onset of a seizure. She could hear Richard
slowly collecting himself behind her.

“Again,” he finally moaned.

“Fuck off.”

“Do it again!” His hand gripped her shoulder and she turned,
findingherself face-to-face with a pair of desperate, lust-filled
eyes. His other hand shot out and gripped her throat. Unable to cry
out for help, she did the only thing she could think of to
incapacitate the madman – she hit the button again.

* * *

I hope you enjoyed that little sample. Always remember, science can be
a lot more fun than you realize, especially when it’s in the form of
an erotic fantasy!

~ WJ Craft ~

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