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Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by Under the Covers.
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This week's question:
What book would you recommend to to heat up your summer!

dang Ladies...these questions! lol...let's see. I would have to say Wicked Hot by Charlene Teglia. It was my first erotica read & boy let me tell you...whew! the title fits. I'm also giving it away as p/o the Summer Nights Erotic blog hop *shameless plug*

Also, Destined for Two by Trista Ann Michaels...my first threesome book and I loved it!

It's your turn...what about you? what would you recommend?


  1. I've never heard of these. Will have to look and add.
    I thought V. E. T. By Felicity Heaton are short hot reads. They're be worth your time.

  2. Hi Angela...I thought they both were goodreads ;) I have two F Heaton books on my NOOK I haven't gotten a chance to read yet...gotta get to it.

    thank you so much for stopping through!

  3. I haven't read either. But the title for Wicked Hot sounds promising :) Thanks for the recommend. Adding these to my TBR list :)

    My DLS

    Ana♥ Beach Bum Reads

    1. Hi Ana

      Cool...i think you'll like them ;)

      Thanks for stopping thru

  4. That's another book I've never heard of, so where have I been? Thanks for recommending it.

    cupcake's book cupboard

    1. Lol...trust me cupcake we're in the same boat. I'm discoverig a lot a new authors/books too.

      Thanks for stopping through

  5. hmm haven't read either of thos. gotta go check them out. Thanks for the rec!

    My DLS

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  6. I haven't read Teglia, but will be adding her to my list, so thanks!
    Here is my choice:

  7. I'm not familiar with these books. I'm gonna look them up. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Charlene T is great...love her books. I think you will love them C.S.

    Hi Ann...they are really great reads. check them out for sure. thanks for stopping thru

  9. Just added Wicked Hot to my shopping list :)

    There are seriously not enough hours in the day to just read!

    Anna@ herding cats & burning soup

  10. LOL..so true Anna..it's crazy, but FUN!. thanks for stopping thru

  11. I haven't heard of these books but i just looked them up and they look hot. I'll have to add them to my erotica TBR. Thanks for the rec!

  12. Hi Cimmaron

    Glad you liked them ;) let me know what you think when you read them.

  13. Never heard of these. I will have to check them out. Have a nice weekend.
    My DLS



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