Random Rants #3

Random Rants is a weekly post I am starting that I will post on Sundays. I will be ranting about things I loved or didn't love from the past week...these rants do not pertain to books.
I love, love, LOVE shrimp chips... the bag says crackers... but, they're not crackers! lol.. But yes! Love those and ARIZONA GREEN TEA! I won't drink any other Arizona drink besides Green Tea. So... When my birthday comes up... you know what to get me hehe ;)

Otis and Ruby are our two doggies! They are Chipins! Chihuahua & Miniature Pinscher's. I love these dogs! They're little monsters!! lol. Otis has the habit of coming into my room and trying to jump in my bed with me... Which makes me get up and take him all the way back downstairs and twenty minutes later he's knocked down all the barricades and comes trotting back up to my room. He does this like 3 times a night... laaawd. Ruby on the other hand is independent and relaxed. She'll just be chillin' not giving a care in the world while Otis follows us around all over the place lol.
Otis & Ruby
Yeah... They claimed that couch as theirs -___-

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