Review: Alphabet Weekends by Elizabeth Noble

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alphabet Weekends
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Elizabeth Noble
William Morrow Paperbacks; First Edition edition (January 23, 2007)
Chick Lit, 425 pages


Natalie and Tom have been best friends forever, but Tom wants them to be much more. When Natalie's longtime boyfriend walks out on her just when she thinks he's going to propose, Tom offers her a different and wildly romantic proposition. He suggests that they spend twenty-six weekends together, indulging in twenty-six different activities from A to Z, and at the end of that time Tom's convinced they'll be madly in love. Natalie, however, is not so sure.

As Natalie's touring the alphabet with Tom, her mother's going through her own romantic crisis—while Tom's unhappily married sister-in-law, Lucy, struggles with temptation. And over the course of six amazing months, three generations of passionate dreamers are going to discover that, no matter how clever they are, love—and life—is never as easy as A, B, C . . .


Best friends since childhood, Tom gets Natalie to play a game with him to both cheer her up & see if what they have could be something more than just best friends. Playing a game of alphabet weekends, Tom & Natalie switch off each letter in the alphabet, picking something out of each others element. Will they make it to Z? Or will their relationship stumble and fall apart before they could finish the alphabet? While on their escapade of adventure, Tom's sister-in-law, Lucy, struggles with her marriage when her husband looses his job and she seeks passion and lust from her best friends husband. Natalie's mother has a marriage and life that's not up to her standards in what she wanted in life and finds herself falling deep into depression.

Okay, if my boyfriend told me "lets do the whole alphabet weekends thing", I'd be on board 100% I absolutely loved this book. Going through the letters with Nat & Tom, I got caught up in the story and couldn't put down the book. I always found myself waiting impatiently for the next letter to hurry up and get here. This book isn't all lovey gushy stuff, there are some deeper stuff as well. When I started reading the little bits about Natalie's mother, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. But, I also felt really bad for Nat's dad as well. And then you get to Tom's sister-in-law Lucy, oh, my. I was praying and hoping that she wouldn't cheat on her husband.

I really liked the alphabet weekend idea in this book. I thought it was cute and fun. As for the parts I disliked, well... I disliked that Nat was so slow in figuring out her feelings for Tom. After the first few chapters, I was starting to love him! But, I think the timing and everything was really good between the two characters.

When I picked up this book, I picked it up because I read one of Nobles other novels and absolutely loved it and I'm going to say it now, I'm glad I picked up this book. I would definitely recommend this book! If you haven't read this book, you should read it now :)


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