Review: Woman On Top by Sherry James

Woman On Top
(Book #1 in the Studs 4 Hire Series)

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Author: Sherry James
Publisher: Prairie Muse Publishing; 2 edition (June 8, 2011)
Genre: Romantic Comedy, 230 pages
ISBN-10: 1937216020 
ISBN-13: 978-1937216023


He's one hot carpenter undercover! Trevor Vanden Bosch is directed to go undercover at Studs 4 Hire as a carpenter. His mission - seduce Sydnie Riley into unknowingly giving him ideas to launch the Venus Bra for one of his ad agency's biggest clients, Stardust Lingerie. But how can he steal her advertising ideas and win her heart, too? She's one feisty boss with something to prove. Sydnie is tired of men always being the boss. After she's cheated out of a promotion at her advertising job by her sexy nemesis and almost lover, Trevor, she decides it's time she take charge of her life and career. She ditches her male-dominated corporate job, bands together with two college friends, and creates Studs 4 Hire, a contracting firm loaded with sexy carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Together they'll battle each others' shenanigans and weather one little deception that could keep them from finding their happily-ever-after.


Having recently quit her job at a big time advertising company, Sydnie Riley is determined to get her new business, Studs 4 Hire, up and running. Walking into her office, Trevor Vanden Bosch, Sydnie's ex co-worker, is going to work for Sydnie to try and get ideas for Stardust Lingerie. Sydnie can't help but think that Trevor is up to something but, what that something is, she has no idea. Making a plan to seduce Trevor and unravel his secrets, Sydnie finds that she is getting caught up in her feelings for him. Trevor is caught between telling Sydnie everything that's going on, including his feelings for her and keeping his job that he's worked so hard for.

Let me just say that if Studs 4 Hire were a real contracting firm, then I would purposefully break a few windows and cabinets hehe.  I absolutely love all of the characters. Sydnie's character is a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants and won't stoop to low grounds to get there. Amen! Who likes slutty women who sleep their way to the top? Now, let me hurry and get to the man candy, cause there are two. The first being Trevor... Can I just like take over Syd's job for a day? I wouldn't mind being his boss! Despite his agreeing to a really stupid plan by his even more stupid boss, I can't help but feel sorry for this guy. He loves Syd, but is going the long hard route of showing her. Mind games are not worth it! But in the end... well, let me stop there before I ruin the book. Now, for man candy #2. Alfred, owner of Stardust Lingerie and big time client for Trevor's advertising job. Alfred is an ex football player, big hunk of a man... laaawd, why isn't he a Stud? Alfred knows there's something suspicious going on when he specifically asks for Syd and gets Trevor instead, but what that something is, he doesn't know and will soon find out.

There are a lot of aspects of this book that I loved. But I'm going to keep my list short. Who doesn't love a shirtless man? A shirtless man with a smokin' hot body? I'm just about ready to jump into the book & make myself an employee for Studs 4 Hire..."Welcome to Studs 4 Hire, I think I have a problem" lol The connection between Syd & Trevor is there and you get that right off the bat when he first walks into her office. It was sizzlin' the minute she looked at him & was thrown as to why he was standing there in all his handsome glory. What I didn't like about this book... well, I can't seem to think of anything. Other than the secrets but that made the book that much better.

I would definitely recommend this book! Take it to the beach with you and don't leave until you finish it! So... take lots of sunscreen! hehe. This book is the first in the Studs 4 Hire series & I  cannot wait to get started on the next book "Woman In Charge". The next book is about Casey Burrows, Sydnie's friend and of the co-founders of Studs 4 Hire.


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