What's In My Beach Bag #1

Hey! Okay, this week has been pretty hectic. Haven't gotten much reading done but, I did go out and buy a lot of books & I received a few as well!
What I Bought:

♥City of Bones & Burned: I bought these from Goodwill for a total of $8.00
♥Rhymes with Witches & McKettrick's Pride: I bought these from a thrift store for a total of $0.80
♥Born In Fire, Guilty Pleasures, Bloody Bones, Burnt Offerings & The Body Guard: I bought from the dollar book store for a total of: $6.00
♥Wicked Nights: I bought from CVS for $8.00 

That's a grand total of *drum roll please*... $22.80 .... yeah, I'm a happy camper hehe.. That's great for 10 books huh? :)

What I Received ♥From Braine & Cimmaron over at Talk Supe... Thanks!!♥:

I am super excited to read all of these books, some of them are a part of a series & I got them because I couldn't pass up the great deal! So yeah, hopefully next week my schedule isn't going to be as hectic as this week & I get more down for some R&R! Lawd know's I need it. That's it for my haul! What did you get? :)

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