Random Rants #4

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Random Rants is a weekly post I am starting that I will post on Sundays. I will be ranting about things I loved or didn't love from the past week...these rants do not pertain to books.
Aaaahhhh! Okay, I love, love, love frozen yogurt! When I first heard of it I was like "Eeeewwww gross! It's yogurt!" Rest assured, I was completely proven wrong. I know the name of it is Tutti Frutti, but I never get the fruity flavors or the fruity toppings. I'm a plain kinda girl & so every time I go, I get chocolate & vanilla with chocolate chip & cheesecake toppings. 
Mine is on the right..  My sister on the other hand, always gets all the fruity stuff lol. She swears it's good.

Oh yummy. I love nachos. These weren't the best nachos I've had because I had this idiotic idea to order the ground beef nachos knowing damn well I always order chicken... well yeah, see what happens to me when I venture out.. nonetheless I just had to post about nachos, because I love it! lol.

Wow.. this entire post was about food. Good lawd, how fat-ass of me :) oh well.. Who the hell doesn't love food? Plus, tomorrow I'm going on a diet... so :( no more yummy food. lol. 

But, because this entire post was about food... What's your favorite food/dessert?


  1. Love frozen yogurt and those nachos looks like a meal and not a snack! LOL

    1. Lol they were a meal. I didn't even finish them, ended up giving them to my brother. xD

  2. why did I stop by? Now I'm hungry for some Nachos! Haven't had them in a while, and I live in Texas! Anyway, I love frozen yogurt. I always get the ones with the fresh fruits. It makes me feel so much healthier lol

  3. Lol i love nachos too! I can't eat my yogurt with fruit bleeeeh i prefer to eat my fruit by itself lol.