Random Rants #7:

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Random Rants is a weekly post I am starting that I will post on Sundays. I will be ranting about things I loved or didn't love from the past week...these rants do not pertain to books.
When I first heard about the shooting, I was completely shocked. I couldn't believe it happened. Later that night when I got on the computer, I looked up the story and was reading it. Can you believe it? A THEATER! My God. I am completely saddened by this. I was watching a few of the videos on yahoo and I couldn't help but cry. All these people wanted to do was watch a movie! I am now very hesitant to go to a theater. I know, this shouldn't scare us into not living our lives, but you can't help but be scared of what's out there. I think we should still live our lives and live it as best we can because we honestly don't know when we'll take our last breath. I won't go much into this one, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.

If you're follower and have noticed I haven't been posting very much, then I am very grateful you noticed my absence! lol. But seriously, I have hardly been posting this week. I only posted two posts and one of them was just a "And The Winners Are..." post. I still got on blogger and commented on a few blogs and worked on a few designs but I couldn't write my posts. And I tried. I started, but I couldn't think and just exited everything. This week has been a rough one for me, in which I just wanted to stay in bed all day and stuff my face with Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Hershey's chocolate, chocolate cake and watch extremely happy movies with happy endings to make me HAPPY! But, because I have been eating very healthy for the past month and because I have willpower that will outlast hell frozen over, I just moped and moped and moped. Oh, yeah. I moped some more. But, I'm pulling myself out of my pity party & putting on my big girl panties. I've got an ever growing pile of books that need to be reviewed and I feel like I've neglected the blogs that I visit on a daily basis. SORRY!! You'll see more of me and my "♥" signature very soon :)

Well, that's it for this week. Did y'all do anything awesome? More awesome than throwing a fabulous pity party like moi? 


  1. WE did miss you :), glad your back. The shooting was horrendous, its scared my teen son so bad that is all he is thinking about lately. Tell you the truth I am too.

    1. Thanks :) omg, it was. Aww. It's a terrible thing & I don't blame him for being scared. I know I sure am.

  2. You know what Ana, I didn't even know what all the fuss was about regarding the Aurora, Co shooting on Friday. I kept seeing pictures on Fb & tweets and stuff, but it wasn't until I got home from work and asked my sister in law what happened that I found out ;( I really can't believe ANYONE is that demented.. I mean really, what was the purpose! D:< And to find out about the victims, I think it was the little girl that got me the most outraged! Smdh...

    Aww Ana ;( I reaaally hope you feel better soon! Your neon light should never dim! But I understand, when life hands you lemons, sometimes they sting your cuts! >.< Grrr! Lol :P I'll be getting back to my blogging as well I hope... *busts out the Jack* Here's to a happier life! :D Lol <3


    1. I know. You know what, I was completely outraged at first. That someone could do something like that, to innocent people. It's heart breaking. And then I read the storied and watched the videos. My heart went out to all the victims and their families.

      Thanks. I know. I'm slowly gathering all my neon lights so that I shine brighter. lol. When life give you lemons, you throw that shit back, demand limes and take some shots!! \_/ cheers girly <3


  3. we missed you!
    the shooting was soo shocking. Seriously, what was the purpose in that? I couldn't believe it at first. it's so crazy. I did go see the dark Knight Rises this weekend but I just couldn't imagine that happening. You know that surrealness that you get from reading the news? "Like that can't really happen to me" thought. that's how I got through my fear.

    On the other hand, hope you're feeling better! love ur comment about ur willpower. I gave in and went to Baskin and Robbins and got 2 huge scoops of ice cream. Now I don't want to eat ice cream ever again cuz I ate so much lol. I dunno what it was about last week but seems like u, Neyra, and me were all kind of out of it. Now it's a new week so hopefully things will be better!

    1. Hey, Ning!
      It really was. That's good you got through your fear. We shouldn't live our lives in fear, but enjoy every single second and live it as best as we can.

      Thanks, lol yes See?? My willpower is freaking awesome! mwahahaha >.< I sat there and watched my sister eat a chocolate cake :\ smh. It looked really good xD o.O you lucky bishh!! you had ice cream and I didn't!! *sobs* lol. I know, it's like we were all hit with a mack truck all at the same time *sigh* Yepp, new week and let's hope its a good one! Thanks for stopping by girly :)


    2. I feel like the Dark Knight Rises is about conquering ur fear. how appropriate right? still very depressing

      you watched someone eat a chocolate cake and didn't at least nibble on it? *speechless* it's OK. I'll eat all that sweet stuff for u! while working my ass off at the same time to burn the calories!

    3. Very appropriate. but like you said, very depressing. I read up on it some more and I read that the columbine victims reached out to the theater victims. Very touching.

      Lol. Yes!!! *sigh* Lmbo.. oh yeah rub it in why don't you.. *will power ana WILLPOWER!* lmbo I'll be burning calories right there with ya!



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