Review: The Train of Arousal by James Lusarde

The Train of Arousal
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Author: James Lusarde
Publisher: Self Published (May 14, 2012)
Genre: Erotic Romance, 27  pages


Springtime. The promise of new things in the air. A train rushing through the countryside. A beautiful woman. A handsome man. A yearning for excitement. A hunger for connection. A love of romance and fantasy... and the power of words to move and arouse...


Strangers on a train pass time through a conversation that will leave the mind wanting more. 

This is probably the shortest book I've read (aside from all my kiddy books growing up...Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see... you get the drift.) I gotta say, I was expecting a lot more erotica from this book. We're introduced to two people, woman and man, on a train and this woman gets her pleasures from seducing this man and teasing him. While I was reading, I felt like I was sitting on my bed with a bunch of girlfriends and the main character was there telling us her story of what happened on her train ride that day. Pulling us in with his smile, his style and his laugh.

I like that this whole book took place on a train and that I didn't feel it was rushed at all, despite the fact that trains move fairly fast. What I didn't like was that, I couldn't help but feel that the man would say things that would make this woman feel so good and I felt like he was just saying those things to get something in return. But, that's just me.

This book definitely catches your attention and keeps you reading. I would recommend this read, as it is a very short read & it doesn't leave you hanging in the end. I don't feel anything was rushed in this book, which is a shocker for a such a short book. Nevertheless, I thought it was very well written, kudos to you James Lusarde.