Review: Twisted Dreams (Twisted Oz, #1) by Bonnie Bliss


Published: May 22, 2012
Format: (ebook)
Series: Twisted Oz (#1)
Available: Barnes & Noble / Amazon / Smashwords


Blurb (Goodreads)

D.G., Dorothy Gale, has spent her whole life wanting something more. Knowing there is a great big wide world beyond the state of Kansas; D.G. has spent the good part of her life saving to leave that boring little town she calls home. Slumming it in a sports bar for mediocre tips in a slutty little uniform, she is almost to the finish line.

One day, after work, and getting a little fresh with the hunky farm hands, D.G. escapes to her bedroom to get some relief on the hot summer day. Only to discover, reality, may just be the stuff dreams are made off. Knocked out, and seemingly taken away on the tip of a violent twister, D.G. wakes up in a sexually charged land of magic—Oz.

With the sexual help of Glinda, The Good Witch, D.G. will begin her journey with a Ruby Red Collar, and follow the yellow brick road.

My Review

Bonnie Bliss takes The Wizard of Oz and gives it sexy and kinky little twist. D.G or Dorothy Gale isn’t the pig-tailed little girl from the movie. She is a grown woman with needs and boy does she get them. This short is only 48 pages, but there was some good things going on in this book.

I love Bonnie’s take on this classic. Her Oz is erotic and I enjoyed reading it. D.G. has big dreams to leave Kansas and we start with her leaving work from the bar she works, Toto’s…don’t you just love that! We still have Aunt Em and her Uncle and we still have the tornado that comes & takes Dorothy to Oz. Once she gets to Oz, the munchkins are actually sex crazed nymphs who want D.G. to partake in some action with them. But in comes Glinda the good witch & well this Glinda is rocking hot in shoes made of dildos.

After Dorothy gets some sexy friendly "help" from Glinda, she starts her way down the yellow brick road in a little red dress and a funky ruby collar.

This ladies & gents starts D.G.’s journey back home to Kansas. I have to say I’m looking forward to reading more about THIS Dorothy Gale and her sexual adventures through Oz.

Heat Level
Heat LevelHeat LevelHeat LevelHeat LevelHeat Level

**f/f sex.

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