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His gift has become a curse. His constant companion, now his greatest enemy.

Vampire Julian Gaspard is facing the end of his immortality, the end of his existence. His heart, pierced with an enchanted bullet, has left him in death’s clutches and although he fights to stay alive, his body is losing the war of life and surrendering to its inevitable demise. Born as a child of ice, he has now become a prisoner of his own gift—the ice that used to comfort him is now slowly killing him.

Julian is determined to not spend the rest of his days just waiting for the end. For 164 years, he lived his life in fear—fear of dying, fear of loving, and fear of living. So many years wasted and so little time to make up for all that was lost. He refuses to succumb to death without finally tasting life, tasting love. Although he is convinced that his lonely heart could only be healed by the Moroccan witch Yasmine, his body craves the devilish pleasures of the irascible Russian siren, Anastasia. Torn between his mind and his passions, Julian struggles to find and accept love and heal old wounds that have paralyzed him and left him with a lifetime of regrets and guilt.

In the midst of Julian's battle for life is the ongoing war of survival between the lesser immortals, ELM, and the pureblood vampires and lycans. ELM's relentless revenge has escalated the war as they continue to develop new means of destroying their pureblood enemies.

For Julian, his only hope of salvation may lie in the hands of those determined to destroy him.

After reading Book 2, We Shall Rise, I was hooked. It was just a inter-mingle of all things paranormal...You have your tortured hero, a kick-ass lead female and hot sex.
See my Review. It really is a addictive series...try it out ;)

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