Salaciously Sexxy Wrap Up

Happy Sunday!

So today wraps up the happenings at Salacious Reads this past week and the books I brought and/or received for review.

I'm going to start using the text-to-video platform by Wibbitz. It really is an awesome widget to use. You can even pick different music themes for you video. Just click the play button below to see my past week posts (you'll also see it on my sidebar)...

Winner's were contacted and prizes were sent out for the following Giveaways..

Hot Summer's Night Giveaway hosted by The Book Nympho
Hot Jocks In July host by Under The Covers

I didn't receive any books for review this week and I didn't request any books for review either. I have to catch on the books to review that I have precariously gotten myself. BUT I did buy thats any

Enemy Lover by Karin Harlow
**saw the review of book 2, Enemy Lover on the Vampire Book Club blog and I immediately wanted to read this series.The word that drew me in..DARK. Thank You Ladies!

West of Want by Laura Kaye

Lothaire by Kresely Cole

Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey

I saw The Dark Night Rises this weekend.

Okay who doesn't love Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/The Batman. He was just awesome as usual and he plays those dark roles so well. Ann Hathaway surprised me as Selena Kyle/Cat Woman, she was good. She could still eat a extra sandwich or two..
I'm not telling the end, but it will be another one because we meet Robin.

So that's it for me..until tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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