Tuesday...err Wednesday Jams & Salacious Randomness


Happy Fourth of July Folks!

So I decided to combine two themes today because the music that I chose and my salaciously sexy person are one in the same.

And who might that be you ask? Well...it's going to be Usher!!!! Oh man I love this dude right here and the fact that he loves older woman...mmmmm, I need to book a trip to CA like right now! So let's take a look at Mr. Raymond...

**Provided by IMDb
Date of Birth
14 October 1978, Dallas, Texas, USA

Birth Name
Usher Terry Raymond IV

Big Ush
Big Tyme
Mr. Entertainment

5' 7½" (1.71 m)

Usher Terry Raymond IV began singing when he was six years old, joining the local church choir at the behest of his mother, Jonnetta Patton, who acted as choir director. Patton, a single mom, raised Usher and his younger brother, James, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before moving the family to Atlanta, Georgia, when Usher was 12 years old. Cited by the singer as his best friend, Usher's mother continues to guide the teen star's career as his manager, a duty she assumed after quitting her full-time office job several years ago.

Upon moving to Atlanta, Usher began participating in various local talent shows. It was at one such exhibition, in 1992, that he was spotted by Bryant Reid, brother of Antonio Reid, the famed R&B producer and co-president (with 'Kenneth Babyface' Edmonds') of LaFace Records. Bryant arranged for Usher to audition for his brother, and the popular producer was immediately taken with the young singer's precocious talent--legend has it that Reid offered Usher a contract on the spot.

I love this SONG!!!!

So what do you think of today's pick? Does Mr. Raymond do it for you..because he does it for me...lol~!

Enjoy the fireworks, cookouts & all that good stuff!

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