18 & Over Book Blogger Follow: Labor Day BBQ

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Question of the Week:

It's Labor Day Weekend here in the States; the end of those long summer days, relaxing at the beach and family barbecues! Which three fictional book characters would you invite to a barbecue?

  •  Rhage from Black Dagger Brotherhood - Mainly because he's blond and gorgeous..he would be my arm candy. Plus he funny as all hell and if I need something warmed up, he can just bring out his dragon & heat it up for me ;)

  • I gotta go with Simi from Acheron too - I can here my mother muttering under her breath "that chile is crazy..who puts barbecue sauce on cake"...lol!

  • Lastly, I would have to bring Fritz from BDB - because it would be a riot to see him & my uncle fighting over the grill.

Those are my choices...what about you? who would you invite to your BBQ?



  1. Rhage!! omg I love that guy! I have a thing for blonds and hollywood good looks? Who doesn't? and his beast is awesome!
    and simi lol! That little demon cracks me up! Speaking of I should get back into Dark-hunters. Havn't read that in a while. and ur gna have one awesome bbq w/ these peeps!

  2. Ahhh Hollywood! Yeah that would be awesome. I'm a Zsadist girl but Rhage is pretty damn good too. Love those Brothers! (And Fritz!)

    Aw Simi. She's one of my favorites from the series! Can't help but smile around her :)

    Great picks! Hope you're having a great weekend too!

  3. Hey Ning! I love me some Rhage...he's cute & funny & that dragon....mmmmm. I have to get back to reading DH too, I miss S Kenyon's books.

    Hi Anna! gah! who doesn't love Zsadists..goodness, it would be a hoot to watch him at the BBQ, lol.

    thanks for the comments ladies!

  4. LURVE your choices!
    Rhage would be the ultimate--and Fritz? The master Chef? You have got it all covered, lol

    You've seen mine so I won't bother with the link, but thanks for checking them out.

    BTW? LURVE the colors of your blog. INTENSE...

  5. Hi C.S.!

    thanks for stopping through...love me some Rhage ;) & I loved your choices

    Ana @ Bishhy Designs did her thing...love it!

  6. nuh uh missy!! you needs to back up off my man! *drapes a protective arm over Rhage* xD Wheeeew. That's one sezzy brother right there ;) haha. I haven't heard of Simi but then again, I need to read that series *sigh* I hear so many great things about it... I just LOL'd @ Fritz lmbo... giiirl your uncle might win that one but I think Fritz can hold is own too lol.

    Gaah it's been so long since I've participated in any memes :( Great answer!

    Ana♥ Beach Bum Reads


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