ARC Review: Magic Gone Wild by Judi Fennell

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Magic Gone Wild
(Book #3 in the Bottled Magic series)

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Author: Judi Fennell
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publish Date: August 1, 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, 384 pages
*This book is part of my NetGalley/Edelweiss KO Challenge for Aug.*

Every Time She Uses Magic Something Goes Terribly Wrong...
Vana wishes she hadn't dropped out of genie training. Now she's determined to get a grip on both her genie magic and her life. But the harder she tries to fix things for her intriguing new master, the more she drives him crazy...

Except There's Nothing Ever Wrong About Him...
Pro–football player Zane Harrison finally has control of the family estate and is determined to put to rest his grandfather's eccentric reputation. Until he discovers that behind all the rumors is a real, live genie who stirs feelings in him he's never known before. The more Zane tries to help Vana harness her powers, the more her madcap magic entangles his heart...

Nirvana Aphrodite has been sealed in her bottle for over a hundred years, when suddenly Zane Harrison, the grandson of the man who locked her back in her bottle, finds himself in her bottle with no clue that the woman standing before him is indeed a genie. Vana kept a promise that she is determined to follow through and with Zane there to help her control her wacky magic, Vana has no doubt that she'll turn the invisible children back into themselves. But she didn't plan on falling for Zane in the process.

Ahh. This book was a really fun and easy read. Hate to say this, but I read this series out of order. But, I think it's a pretty good stand alone and I didn't feel lost at all. The sezzy factor in this book is pretty mild, yeah there's that instant attraction and the ridiculous amount of kissing, but it was okay. Not, mind blowing, but not bad either. Speaking of kissing. If there was ever an award for the best way to cast a spell, Vana would win HANDS DOWN! When Vana does magic, to do so she puckers her lips and blows a kiss. To Whom? No one in particular. BUT, along comes Zane and when he kisses Vana all her wacky magic goes out the window and she's able to do some pretty great magic. Which then of course leads to more kissing... and even more kissing. *sigh* Lucky her! 

We're first introduced to Vana about one hundred and some years before she meets Zane. Her master is Peter (Zane's grandfather) and she's trying to help him out any way she can, but with her wacked out magic abilities, Vana only seems to make things worse. So, Peter lets her back in her bottle and seals it shut, only to die a week or so later and Vana is stuck in her bottle. Fast forward a huge amount of years later, Vana finds herself with a hunkin' pro football player *Queue Zane's entrance* and Vana finds herself falling for this guy with only one passing day. Some kissing, some spinning porches and 3 old hags.. okay, okay, The Fates later, Vana can't help but tell Zane how she feels, even if that means losing her powers.

What I liked about this book was that it wasn't a heavy read. It was really light and funny, I found myself laughing out loud numerous times. I don't think there was anything I didn't like about this book. The only thing that comes to mind, is when Vana would always say "Holy smokes" That irritated Zane and it irritated me. But, everyone has their own little sayings that they say repetitively. For instance, mine is "No bueno", so it wasn't a major dislike for me.

I would most definitely recommend this book. If you love PNR but you're looking for something light and easy, then this book is definitely for you! This book is part of a series. I can't speak for the others, but if they're as good as this one, then I would suggest you get those too :)



  1. Love the review Ana, since it's not confusing to read it out of order, I might just pick this one up first >.< *sigh* to be able to do great magic when a sexy man kisses you... that would be awesome! xD LOL Glad you enjoyed it :P

    1. Thanks, Neyra :) It really wasn't confusing at all. I liked that :) o.O ^_^ If you pick it up let me know! Thanks for stopping by girly <3


  2. A genie! I think you got away with not following the series order.

    1. Yepp A genie indeed! ^_^ I sure did. Lucky me eh? :) Thanks for stopping by <3


  3. wow never read about a genie before! this should be fun and interesting! good thing you enjoyed it even when u read it out of order. I'm way to OCD about the order thing lol

    1. lol. ^_^ haha. Well pick up the others then read this one! ^_^ I'm gonna pick up the first two. I hope they're just as good :)


    2. I will! Genies!! they will make ur dream come true! Now I want to read about a male genie *wink wink*

    3. lmbo @ read about a male genie ;) haha. me too ^_^ ooh have you ever read Rachel Cain's Weather Warden series? *sigh* I <3 David.

  4. I like the concept...a genie, never read that before at all. Loved the review Ana! I think I'm going to have to check this series out,

    1. Thanks Sharonda <3 Let me know if you get a chance to read this series ^_^ I love this book, so I'm hoping I love the first two as well :)




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