Dirty Little Secret

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This week's question:
"Book abuse! What's the worst thing you've done to a book."

I'm rough with my paperbacks. I tend to dog-ear 'em, bend 'em..I also write in my books too..
I'm a hard reader and I get the most out of my books...lol



  1. Those look like well loved books. Lol Many a re-read! But damn, you are rough with them.

    1. Lol, I know and I try not to be, but I can't help it....bad habit I just can' break ;(

  2. Tut, tut! You write in books? Oh wait, I've done that to textbooks so I should judge.
    At least you enjoy your books to the fullest.

    Have a good weekend. Here's my DLS

    1. Hi Lauren

      Unfortunately, Im a doodlet, so I tend to doodle while Im reading...I know..crazy :;)

      Thanks for stopoing through

  3. Oh.My.God. Sharonda. LOL. A hard reader. ::snort:: you so weren't kidding. Those are some well loved babies.

    Acheron's one of my favorites :) Love that book!

    my DLS

  4. lmbo..nope, no kidding around here ;) I will tear a book up..and if its good, oh man aint no telling how it'll end up.

    Thanks for stopping thru Anna!

  5. yeah, those are definitely well loved books. lol

    1. Lmbo..I know, it's bad right. I try, I realy do ;)

      Thanks for stopping thru Angels ;)

  6. My books get those creases in them. Especially because I like to share them with my friends.

    And I understand the hard reader. Even if I am like wait what dog earring, writing in them?? lol

  7. Hi Amber

    Oh Im so glad someone else is a lil like me ;) i wa starting to feel bad..lol. Yeah, smh.. I doodle, so my books suffer :)

    Thanks for stopping thru
    Have a great weekend

  8. Alright so I'm not gonna lie I love those books so I'm OK with the fact that you've read them so much! Ash and Rhage are soooo amazing! But we also need to get you some brand spankin new ones too, babe!!


  9. Hey Ann!

    I'm going to get new one & I'm going to take care of THOSE two..can't say what I'll do with the rest ;)

    thanks for stopping thru!

  10. I adore both of those books and I think my copies look similar to yours!

  11. Hi Jennifer...oh In not the only one ;) thats a relief..whew!

    Thanks for stopping thru


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