Dust Bunnies Galore

Hey my lovely followers & devoted lovers of the beach... lol okay, that last bit was exaggerated...Cut me some slack, I'm bored ^_^ Anywho... The other day I was sitting here blogging away, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I hear this noise. It sounded like a dying rat coming from my tower! *sigh* Or an overheating fan. Either or, take your pick. So, I continue sitting here listening to this & finally come to the conclusion that I need to get up and clean out the fans in my tower. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, you can go right on ahead and exit this page ^_^ don't wanna bore you now :p If you're confused and wanna know what I'm talking about and you too are experiencing this, then by all means grab a bag of popcorn and have a seat!

So anyway... Like I said, sitting here listening to my tower scream in agony, I finally decide to shut down my computer and unplug everything and take a look inside my tower. The second I pull off the side of the tower this is me...


Now, I feel extremely bad for neglecting my baby and not cleaning out my tower as much as I should. It's time consuming and you have to be extremely careful while doing it. Don't wanna mess with anything and then BAAAAAM no more computer, right? So, I grab a few q-tips because I don't have an air can to make my life easier. So, I'm sitting here cleaning out the dust and getting dust all over my spankin' brand new desk and before you know it 30 minutes pass... This is what I gathered from my lovely neglected tower...

Meet my furry little friend :) Last name Bunny, first name Dust. My tower is no longer making any noise (hallelujeeer) and is running like a beauty! Never again shall I neglect you, my love! hehe. 

Now, now, I'm not a pro and I am most definitely not licensed or anything to tell you what to do when you're experiencing computer problems, but I can tell you what I do with the experiences I've had. 

If you're experiencing your tower making loud noises while you're using your computer and then it goes quite when you have no programs running then I would most likely assume that your fans have collected a good amount of dust and are over working themselves. You don't want this. It's a big NO-NO! This can cause your tower to overheat and that's not good at all. You can do what I did. Shut down your computer, unplug everything and open up the siding to your tower. If you have an air can you can use that :) It's a big time saver.. If you don't then you can use q-tips to clean the fan blades (you'll be surprised by how much dust can be collected there) NO BUENO! You can also dampen the tips of your q-tips with water (not soaking wet, mind you, but just damp enough to help clean off the blades) Once you've cleared the dust, or as much of it as you can, go ahead and put the siding back on and plug everything in. Turn on your comp and go about your blogging! You should notice that your comp isn't making a dying rat sound. BUENO, right?! YES, indeed! 

Tips & Stuff:
Don't put your tower near an open window. It'll just collect the dust that much faster
Don't neglect your tower! Treat it like it's one of your kids! Don't have kids? Treat it like it's... A BOOK! You know dang well you wouldn't neglect your books :p 
TRY and clean out your tower every 4-5 months. (Seriously, don't wanna be like me and forget all about it) 

Just So You Know: 
I am NOT a computer tech, nor am I apart of the Geek Squad over at Best Buy (though how awesome would I be if I was?) I am speaking out purely as a computer owner that has gone through this  a time or two.

Have you ever had a furry little friends? ^_^

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