DVD Review: ConSINsual

Have a seat on my lovely couch and let me tell you about my latest DVD find...

Release Date: 2010
Studio: E1 Entertainment
Directed by: Paul D. Hannah
Starring: Keena Ferguson, Siaka Massaquoi
MPAA Rating: Rated R for some sexual content, a rape and language

3 Kisses

Movie Synopsis (Amazon)

A faithful husband is falsely accused of rape after compromising his own mores to satisfy his wife's perverse sexual appetite, setting into motion a dangerous sequence of events fueled by lies, lust, and betrayal

My Thoughts

I actually first watched this movie with a friend of mine...you ever watch a movie and wonder at the end of it..you’re thinking…what hell just happened? Well ConSINsual was one of those movie for me. And trust me I had plenty…I still don’t get the ending to Inception…go figure on that one.

Anyway ConSINsual asks this? What happens to a marriage when sexual role playing goes too far?..this is what happens in this movie. When a game goes out of control in their usual play, Terrance Moore is suddenly accused by his wife of rapping her. As the story progresses, there is whole lot of lies and betrayal going on that will have your head spinning. There is a very dangerous game going on and everyone is in on it and I mean EVERYONE.

The movie was first released in 2010 and then eventually the DVD was released in March 2011.  It received a lot of bad reviews; I liked the movie. The story plot was deep and mysterious enough to keep me watching, although some of the acting could have been better. This is definitely one of those stories that will have you thinking. Thinking who is exactly here is being played...and sometimes it’s not the one you think it is in the first place.

ConSINsual is available at Amazon / Bares & Noble



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