Salacious Randomness (#9)

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Hi Beautiful People!

Today's randomness....hmmm...

Well, yeah...my week officially starts Wednesday. Monday, was a rest day after visiting the Dentist. God, I hate the dentist! like with a passion hate...lol. So..yeah, where was I? yes..I went to the dentist, had a tooth pulled, cried the like the big baby I can be sometimes, came home & basically stayed in the bed & moped.

It wasn't this bad, but I can be dramatic sometimes ;)

Tuesday was back to work (no matter how much I didn't want to go..)

On my latest read...

If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones and I'm not sure how I quite feel about this story yet...but I'm taking mad notes (uh, which I never do). But I'm at this point in the story, I'm a little confused by Sara, the main female character and I'm not sure how I feel about this one as of yet...

I'll tell you more when my review is posted, which will more than likely be tomorrow.



  1. awww you big baby!! I understand that though.. Who likest he dentist? NO ONE!! lol. I need to go >.< *sigh* o.O I wanna read that. Def looking forward to you review girly!


    1. Tehe..I know, my mom said the same thing..lol ;)

      Thanks for stoppjng thru Ana ;)



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