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Hi Sexxy People!

Welcome to another edition of Salacious Randomness. Let's get to it...

You ever watch that show World Dumbest on Tru TV. My 11 year old & I love it, it's one of our daily rituals when I get in from work. If funny as all get out & the star commentary...hilarious. Take a look at one of their video mash-ups...

**video from Tru TV website  

Crazy Newspaper Sitings...

I'm reading the paper on my way to work and there were two articles that stuck out..1st story was about this app developer whose driving a Ferrari Spider..yes a Ferrari. Anyway, dude was park illegally and so a police officer starts to issue him a ticket. What does Mr Man decide to do? get in his car and try to pull off...while the cop is writing the ticket mind you. See the full story here NY Metro. Dude seriously, you're driving a frigging Ferrari, why not just eat the ticket..just saying..

 2nd story I read is about Sir Elton John..he straight went off on Madonna in a interview he was doing. See the story here NY Metro. He called her some really nasty names. Sir Dude, your inner Biotch is showing and that's not cool at all...

 **Thank you to NY Metro Newspaper for the fabulous crazy stories and for the FREE read ;)

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