Salaciously Sexxy Freebies

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hi Beautiful People!

So we see the Freebies all over the Blogosphere for Amazon. But..wait, what about those who have a NOOK or (like myself, those who are too lazy to download the Kindle app to her

Anyway,I just wanted to share some of the freebies that I saw on Barnes & Noble this past weekend.

*make sure you check the prices before you buy to make sure that are still free reads.

Lata Days!



  1. OMG! Thank you Sharonda!! *heads on over to B&N* I'm a freebie whore! lol. Wow those all look so good ^_^


  2. Hey Ana lol...grab em up girl..thats what I did.

    enjoy! & thanks for stopping throug ;0

  3. I think I need to get a little nook reader, I can't stand the PC glare!

  4. Braine, I heard they lowered the price on it the NOOK simple touch ;)

    I hate the glare off the computer, bad enuff I have to deal w/it at sucks.

  5. I have a kindle and I've gotten the app for my lap top. I got Crux already, it was on Amazon.
    Thanks for keeping us updated.