Salaciously Sexxy Sunday Wrap Up

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Happy Sunday! 

Welcome to my post of happenings that went on this past week at Salacious Reads. Let's start with the Wibbitz text to video...

Books I brought, won and\or received for review...

Won - Thanks Amanda @ The BookSlayer

Make Me Sir by Cherise Sinclair
Seducing Cinderella by Gina L Maxwell
Highland Dawn by Donna Grant
Surrender: A Little Harmless Romance 
  • Melissa Schroeder

  • Seven Day Loan by Tiffany Reisz
    Scarred Beauty by Sam Crescent
    Shira by Tressie Lockwood

    Freebies from Barnes & Noble for my NOOK

    Stranger Delight (Desperately Delicious Series)  
  • Tabitha Levin
  • The Riding Crop  
  • Karyn Gerrard
  • No Regrets  
  • Kassanna
  • Going Berserk  
  • Alexandra O'Hurley

  • Received to Review:

     Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry
    The Angel by Tiffany Reisz
    Mark of the Witch by by Maggie Shayne
    Trapped by (Iron Druid #5) Kevin Hearne
    Risking it All by Jennifer Schmidt

    Boyfriend from Hell by Jamie Quaid

    **Thank you Novel Publicity
    The Book of Paul by Richard Long

    As you can see I got a little finger happy this week..smh. And then I went & requested more more books through NetGalley..I hope these review challenges last through the rest of the year, I'm going to need it..lol!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday...may it be peaceful& stress free.


    1. Great haul Sharonda :) I loved Pushing the Limits, so I hope you enjoy it! and I can't wait for Make Me, Sir. Sounds erotic xD Lol I hope you enjoy all your books!!

      Neyra @DABReviews

    2. Hi Neyra

      Thank you..Im looking forward to read so many of these books.

      Thanks for stopping through

    3. Weee!!! You got Tiffany Reisz! I hope you love her as much as I did.

      1. Hi Braine!

        I cant wait to read it..so excited.

        Thanks for stopping through



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