Sexxy"s Sunday Wrap Up

Happy Sunday and welcome to Sexxy's Salacious Sunday Round Up. Can't remember how many times I changed the name, but's going to be Sexxy's Sunday Wrap-up going forward.

I got a brand new look...a BIG ASS thank you to Ana @ Beach Bum Reads/Bishhy Designs. She asked what I was looking for and conquered it...hats off to you gurl, you did your damn thang.

So how do I feel about my new look?... the design progressed..

and then after the final look....

okay enuff about my girly crush..

Lets get it started with the Wibbitz text-to-video...

What you didn't see in the video...
Tuesday Jams - Seal 
Salacious Sexxy Cover - Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson #7)
DVD Movie Review: The Man From Nowhere

And I finally was able to send out prized for The CenterStage giveaway featuring Natasha Blackthorne. I selected two people who never responded. So I had to move on to a third..thank you Pam for responding & I hope you enjoy Natasha's books. They are totally good and HOT reads.

Books I got this past week...

Well I won a giveaway, yay! for me & Thank you Liz @ Fictional Candy and Author Felicity Heaton for the Vampire Erotica Swag.


Nothing. I was good this week & that's becoz I went overboard last time (stay strong gurl...stay strong...) *pats self on back*

Received for Review...


I really wanted to get my hands on Anne's Rice Sleeping Beauty Triology...but figured I just start with book one. I love Anne Rice (she's the reason I love Vamps..) so I'm hoping for a good read.

I saw TED this weekend...Oh what a funny ass movie. Gotta love Seth MacFarlane. Only he could offend w/o really offending (know what I mean...). Mark Walberg with the Boston accent...rawr!!!
Catch my Review on Monday...

So...what books did you get this week? Any movies you saw & liked or didn't?

Enjoy your Sunday & I hope it's peaceful and stress free.



  1. SQUEEEE!!!!

    I SO LOVE YOUR BLOG DESIGN! It's so sexy and dark and mysterious. And your avi is so you, like dark chocolate truffle, you look so delicious with that martini glass and sexy dress!

    Good job Ana!

    Talk Supe BB&B

  2. Thank you Braine! I love it so much..can't hardly stop looking at!

    Thank you for stopping through woman ;)

  3. You're welcome, Sharonda :) You already know I had a blast working on your design ^_^ I'm glad you love it as much as I do *pats self on back* lol.

    I hear you on not buying anything.. I'm on that "No-Spending" spree.. sad :( I know.. but, we will over come this!!

    o.O All your books from NetGalley look amazing! Someone recommended I read Anne Rice.. Still haven't picked up any of her books, but I hear they were hawt. Looking forward to your reviews girly :)

    Ana♥ Beach Bum Reads

  4. Hey Ana...we had fun and it still came out rocking ;) love those gifs from photobucket, they're!

    Yeah, I have to budget and watch myself. Not just because of the doe, but my review list is getting out of control..smh

    thanks for stopping through

  5. I love the gifs xD Lol. And definitely Kudos to Ana for the awesome blog. congratulations Sharonda it's amazing! :D

    I love your netgalley pics, and I've read prob two chapters of The Claiming of Sleeping beauty, but I didn't finish it, I lost my data, and with it, that book >.< I hope you enjoy all your books though :)

    And yay! for winning the giveaway! :D congratulations!!

    I love Mark Wahlburg, but I don't find Ted to be appealing >.< glad you enjoyed it though :P

    It's Monday now, but I hope you had an awesome Sunday girl! :D Have a great week!


  6. Thank you Neyra. I love Ana's blog so when I wanted to update mine, I just had to go to her...just loved her animated gifs & stuff. ;0

    I hope I can get through Claiming of SB..I really looking forward to reading it.

    I kind of have a dirty sense of humor so Ted was good for me. There was this family behind us thought with like 10 & ll yr olds...I was like whaaaattt? just ridiculous...that movie is not for kids at all.

    Happy Monday & thanks for stopping through...have a wonderfully blessed day ;)


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