BBAW 2012 Day 3: What Does Book Blogging Mean to You?

Hi Sexxy People! 

Welcome to day three of the BBAW. Click on the picture above to check out the other blogs participating.  

Blogging is a way for me to share my love of books with fellow readers. To let them know about books I love and also to find out from them as well any books they love, like, hated...whatever.

This is definitely a hobby for me, its not a job..I have one of those! But during this one year journey I have met some really cool genuine people; bloggers, authors..and just folks who don't blog, but have that same love of books as I do.

And that is what this really means to me, just getting to know other bibliophiles who want to share their love of books. I can do without all the drama of whose blog is the biggest or most popular, or any of the other nonsense. I'm not in high school anymore, I do not & will not feel the need to conform to what others do.

If I'm left with one faithful follower, then I'm happy because I know that one person is still there because they truly like this space I created and they enjoy the posts I put here.

Simply that's it. I do this because I love it, it's my time to write about some of the things I enjoy; reading, music and more ^_^

So what does Book Blogging me to you? comment and let me know.

Lata Days...Muah!


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