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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hi Beautiful People,

Today's randomness...

I want to just gush a little about the character I'm reading right now. I'm still like 20% done with The Siren, yeah I know..not much. B..U..T..I gotta say I like Nora Sutherland and I haven't even read that much about the woman yet. But right now, to me she's funny as hell and she definitely knows how to push Zach's "sour dough" buttons. So, all I'm saying is if this is what I can expect the rest of my journey while reading...then I'm psyched!

Nora saving Zach from probably the most boring party ever and she just gave him her story that he asked her to write for him & she's explaining erotica...

"Writing erotica is like fucking someone for the first time. Your aren't sure exactly what he wants yet so you try to give him everything he could possibly want. Everything and anything.."

You know this is just a character talking, but I'm telling you that shit is sooooooooooooo true. Tiffany Reisz, you are my new girl crush!

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On another random note..while searching for books on B&N's website, I came across several books that were sold in the marketplace & set at really ridiculous prices. I mean like over $100 ridiculousness. Uh...ONE, these books better be set in gold and the pages made of actual money....

Here's the link to one of the books....Devil's Kiss by Stacey Kennedy
A serious case of...



  1. LOL! 188$ must be glitch of some sort, amusing nonetheless! ;D

  2. Hey! I know..right? I said the same thing, but then I saw it on another book...idk, I seriously hope it's a glitch though.

    thanks for stopping through & commenting!

  3. WTF is right! $188? Wow! LOL Thanks for sharing :)