Tuesday Jams #5

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Tuesday Jams is a weekly post hosted by Sharonda @ Salacious Reads. This is a way to share with others your love (other then books of course) for music! Want to participate? Easy! Head on over to Salacious Reads & link back up with her Tuesday Jams post in her comments section!

Welcome back to another awesome week of Tuesday Jams! This week I picked a group that was mentioned in the book I'm currently reading. Which book? Wake by Abria Mattina. So, while I was reading, a bunch of groups that I heard of, but forgot about were mentioned and one of those groups stood out to me. APOCALYPTICA! Apocalyptica is a Finnish metal band that consists of three classically trained cellists. They do a lot of metal songs but damn if it doesn't sound amazing! I'm not big on metal (though I can listen to the hard stuff when I'm in the mood) But I find the cellos very relaxing and the sound all together is just.. WOW. If you're big Metallica fan,  then you're bound to recognize the songs right away. A few of the songs I have playing in the music player below are, Fade To Black (Metallica), One (Metallica), Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin) and a few more. So... do you dig it? I personally love it ^_^


  1. Hey you got Diqus too..lol! I love your choice this week Ana. The first song Nothing Else Matters is just....chills is all I can say. I just brought it on Itunes ;)

  2. Hey Sharonda! Yeah I <3 Disqus, I figured it's about time I switch over lol. Plus, it works a lot better than blogger. Well, when it comes to the music player lol. Did you really? Oh snaaap. woot! I'm glad you love it! Nothing Else Matters def gave me chills the first time I heard it and every time I listen to it. The music video is nice.


  3. Yeah I like Disqus better for my comments & yup I really did buy the song..sometimes I need some music to calm me down...lol! & that one works for me ;)

  4. right. Also with the music player. With blogger it would refresh the player when you enter your comment and Disqus doesn't, so that was my main reason for switching over. Plus it's so pretty! lol.

    ooh well I'm glad you like it :) Next weeks pick? Super sezzy! haha

  5. I can't wait to see your pick next week ;) I didn't even notice about the music player, but that's a good point too

  6. ^_^ likewise girly! yepp works with the music players :) So I have your page up while I comment away haha. Got some Nelly Furtado brightening up my mornin!

  7. I love disqus lol glad u switched over ana! but u should occasionally check the spam stuff cuz they'll put comments in spam randomly. that's why I miss some comments
    oh and I love the music. I discovered APOCALYPTICA when I used to listen to similar music on Pandora. I love any kind of instrumental band and the way they remix old classics!! and cellos sounds so pretty. I always wanted to learn to play one lol



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