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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hi Beautifuls,

I'm so excited to have Kallypso Masters stop through today. I read the first book in her Rescue Me Series and was totally blown away. But enough from me, I'll let Kally take over from here...

Welcome to Day 2 of the Perfect Blog Tour, with Kallypso Masters and friends.

Thank you Salacious Reader for hosting me!

This six-day Perfect Blog Tour celebrates the release of Nobody's Perfect (Rescue Me #4), by Kallypso Masters, which released this week—FINALLY! Perfect continues the long-awaited Happily Ever After for probably the two most wounded characters in the series, Damian Orlando and Savannah Gentry (now Savi Baker). Their heartbreaking story began in Masters at Arms (a free read—see links below) and the couple reunited in Nobody's Hero after eight years apart.

Those who follow me on Facebook know that, as an incest and child sexual abuse survivor myself, this book was akin to opening a vein and pouring my lifeblood onto the page. I usually take 2-3 months to write and edit a book in this series (tops). This one took nearly eight months! The result is not an autobiographical story, but my fellow survivors will come face to face with a lot of the same triggers and aftermath we all suffer as a result of our abuse.

Many of the people who helped me get the BDSM, psychology, and other aspects of this story right also are survivors of abuse, or live the lifestyle and work with survivors using BDSM for healing. This Perfect Blog Tour kicks off with the personal reflections of Ekatarina "Saya" Sayanova, who served first as a subject expert (BDSM and medical expertise), then a beta reader, and finally an editor. While reading the whipping by catharsis scene you'll be reading over the course of Days 2-6 in this tour, she was drawn into the scene almost as if she were a participant—at one point, Damián, and then Patti, the bottom he is working with in the scene.

In this Excerpt blog tour, you will be reading from a single scene, Chapters 10-11 of the book. In this scene, Damián (sometimes called Damo) is called upon to be a Service Top to Patti, a slave/masochist at the Masters at Arms Club whose Master (Victor) isn't a sadist and is unable to give her the level of catharsis through whipping she needs to work through a severe trigger that shut her down emotionally earlier that day. This happens to be the first time in months that Damian has been in the club—and is the first time ever for Savi, who was invited here by Adam, who plays a role in helping Savi to understand the purpose of a cathartic whipping—and why Damian is the one to provide that.

Savannah Gentry, now Savi Baker, escaped the torture and degradation forced upon her by a sadistic father for eleven years and has made a safe life for herself and her daughter. When her father threatens her peace of mind—and her daughter's safety—Savi runs to Damián Orlando for protection. Their one day together eight years earlier changed both their lives and resulted in a secret she can no longer hide. But being with Damián reawakens feelings she wants buried—and stirs up an onslaught of disturbing flashbacks that leave her shaken to the core with little hope of ever being a sexual being again.

Damián has his own dragons to fight, but has never forgotten the one perfect day he spent with Savannah in a cave at the beach. He will go to the ends of the earth to protect Savi and her daughter, but can never be the whole man she deserves after a firefight in Iraq. Besides, the trauma of war and resulting PTSD has led him to find his place as the Masters at Arms Club's favorite sadist. Savi needs someone gentle and loving, not the broken man he has become. But he sees that the lifestyle he's come to embrace also can help Savi regain control of her life and sexuality. How can he not help redirect her negative thoughts and actions if she needs him?
Available: Barnes & Noble / Amazon


"Damo, sorry to interrupt, but Patti needs you. It's bad."
Fuck. Not tonight. He looked up at Victor, then over at Patti, kneeling on the floor beside the table where he'd seen Victor sitting earlier. He'd thought she seemed a bit withdrawn tonight, but Damián had been so focused on Savi, he really hadn't paid her much attention. From the look of her, this wouldn't be an easy session.
Patti was terrified of the dungeon because some of her abuse had taken place in a cellar. Most times, he did their scenes right here in the great room.
No way was Savi ready to see this.
He needed to get her out of here.
* * *
Savi sensed something was wrong when the tall, bald African American, who reminded her of Mr. Clean, came over to their table and spoke to him. She followed Damián's gaze to a petite blonde kneeling beside a table across the room with a catatonic stare in her eyes.
What was wrong with her? And what was Damián supposed to do about it? She looked like she needed to talk with someone. Not a mechanic, but a professional therapist, like herself. Maybe she should offer to help.
"Something happened while I was at work today, Damo. Some trigger on the TV, I think, but she won't even talk to me. We had a session at home tonight and I thought she was better, but I went ahead and brought her here in case someone could help. I've never been so glad to see you, man. I know you can help her."
The man looked at Savi, who suddenly wished she wasn't here. Still, Savi's heart went out to the woman kneeling across the room. "Would you like me to talk with her? I'm a therapist." Well, I was anyway, once upon a time.
The man stared at her as if she'd grown a second head, then turned to Damián with a silent question in his eyes.
"Sorry, Victor. She's not in the scene. Just a guest tonight."
Now she felt unwanted, by both of them. Apparently, she'd broken some protocol. Oh, yeah. Wasn't there something in the contract about subs not speaking to Doms unless spoken to? How was she supposed to remember all these archaic, sexist rules? Of course, there were female Dominants here, too. But, as with most places, it was primarily a man's world within these walls and this community.
"If you'll excuse me—" She would have gotten up and left, but the man named Victor turned to her.
"Sit. Down." He spoke as if commanding a dog, and she planted her butt back in the chair. Satisfied, he turned to Damián and continued.
"I know you're here with someone. Patti told me not to bother you because of your lady friend, but she needs you bad. You know me. I can't get her to that level."
Level of what? Curiosity, despite the feeling she wasn't wanted here anymore, won out. Savi chose to remain.
Damián looked at her, emotions warring on his face, then turned back to Victor. "I don't think I can tonight, Victor."
He was refusing to help because of her, so she leaned forward. "Help her, Damián. I'll wait here."

Karla began her opening set on the stage, an edgy tune that distracted Savi for a moment. She'd been so involved in the drama at her table, she hadn't even noticed Karla had come downstairs. Savi had been unsure about Grant's ability to relate to kids at Christmas. The woman barely said two words to Mari. Over the months since, though, Savi had gotten to know her a little better. She and Damián had a strong friendship and had been to the apartment at least once a week.
Grant had even bought Mari her first GI Joe. The woman was quiet and intense, but after seeing her teaching self-defense skills to Mari using Barbie and GI Joe as models, Savi believed the woman would be a good influence on her daughter. She'd also protect Mari as well as anyone in their surveillance team. Heaven help any man who tried to overpower Grant.
Still, old habits die hard. Savi would go up later to check on them, but couldn't leave now. She needed to know what Damián was going to do for this woman. With this woman.
When she turned to look back at Damián, his attention was on Adam, who stood near the stage looking like a bouncer, arms folded. As if tugged by an invisible string, Adam tore his gaze from Karla and turned toward Damián who made several hand gestures toward Adam. What had he just conveyed? Whatever it was, it looked like he wanted her to take a hike. When he realized she'd seen him, he looked a little sheepish at being so rude, but didn't seem to want to back down. He wanted her out of here.
Adam started toward their table, but didn't even speak to Damián. "Savi, join me over at the stage. Karla wants you to be front and center during her show tonight."
It wasn't an invitation, but a command. Karla didn't seem the type who would demand such attention, but Savi didn't know how to refuse the man politely. She looked at Damián to see if somehow that's what he'd signaled to Adam, but he was glaring at the older man. Without waiting for a response from her, Adam pulled her chair out with her still in it, as if she were nothing more than a stuffed animal at one of Mari's Teddy-bear picnics.
He picked up her glass, still more than half full.
"How about a refill? What were you drinking?"
Savi wasn't sure and looked at Damián for the answer. He didn't make eye contact with her, but said to Adam in a voice she could barely hear, "Sex on the Beach."
Savi's face grew warm. The rat. Why couldn't he just forget about that day?
Adam grinned. "One 'Sex on the Beach'—coming up."
"No, Adam." She reached out and took the glass from him. "Anything diet for me. I know my limit."
Adam took Savi by the elbow. "Come with me, hon."
Savi didn't like being told what to do, nor being treated like a child, but she was a guest here and could easily be asked to leave if she didn't do as the Doms said, especially the owners. It was written in the damned rules she'd agreed to follow. That one she remembered, because it was unbelievable to her that people actually followed such dictates in this day and age. The subjugation of women was alive and well in Damián's kink club.
While Damián wanted her out of the club, Adam planned to let her stay. Good. If she could manage to remain here, she could see what Damián planned to do with—or to—Patti.
Adam led Savi to a table next to the stage, but positioned her with her back to the room. Karla made eye contact and winked, and Savi decided not to push the issue, for the moment at least.
"One diet coming up." He bent down to her ear. "Eyes on Karla. She likes the attention and most folks here are too busy with their scenes and partners to watch the show."
Savi tuned in to Karla's beautiful voice a moment. Unfortunately, curiosity got the best of her and Savi turned her head to find that Adam wasn't at the bar at all, but back at Damián's table. Damián shook his head vehemently, and she could read the "No way" on his lips, but Adam just squeezed his shoulder in a paternal way and walked over to the bar to retrieve the soda waiting there. Her face flushed again.
When Damián turned toward her, a frisson of electricity coursed down her spine. Busted. She quickly turned her attention back to the stage, but couldn't focus on Karla. She needed to know what was going on. Savi turned again and watched as Damián crossed the room to the woman kneeling on the floor. The blonde didn't look up or acknowledge him in any way. He bent down to her, placing his hand on the back of her head, and said something. The woman nodded without opening her mouth or looking up, and he reached down to take her elbow to help her to her feet. She kept her gaze cast downward, but let him guide her to the center post.
The woman wore a red halter dress that hugged her curves. Damián reached up, pushed her long hair over her shoulder, and undid the knot at the nape of her neck. He let the top drop to her waist, then took her hand and fastened a cuff to her wrist. Savi couldn't help but notice the scars on Patti's back. Had Damián inflicted those marks?
Victor came up beside them and did the same with the other wrist, then each fastened one of her ankles to cuffs. All four cuffs then were attached, two at a time, to chains on the post.
Oh dear lord. He was going to beat her! The acid from Savi's stomach rose in her throat.
"Where did I tell you your eyes should be?"
Savi jumped and looked up at Adam, feeling a little guilty at having disobeyed. Wait! She wasn't his sub or slave or whatever it was called. She was just a visitor. A visitor who wanted answers.
"Tell me what's going on."
"Is that how you address one of the club's Doms?"
It was all Savi could do not to scream. "Please tell me what's going on, Sir."
He smiled. "Acceptable. For a first-time visitor." He set the glass on the table in front of her. "I thought you might be curious." Adam took her chin and turned her head toward Karla again, then sat down beside her.
"Why doesn't Damián want me here?"
Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Adam lift his bottled water to his lips and take a long drink, then placed it on the table. "Because there are some things he doesn't want you to know about him. But I think you need to know, and that you can handle that information."
Savi's heart pounded. Somehow she knew before he even had to reveal a thing. She turned to Adam to gauge his reaction before blurting out, "Damián's a sadist."
He smiled, then grew serious and nodded slightly. "In Damián's case, I prefer the term sensual sadist, or even better, a Service Top. He doesn't do this to get off on a woman screaming in pain, or because he enjoys placing his marks on her body like a true sadist would. Not that he isn't proud of his skill at marking the skin without permanently scarring her."
Savi felt a shiver course down her spine. "But there are scars on Patti's back."
"Those aren't Damián's marks, but Patti's abusive ex's." Adam continued, "Damián isn't doing this for his own thrill. He does it because he needs to feel a sense of control and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from executing a well-planned mission."
"In his mind, that's what an SM scene is. Normally, he'd take time to meticulously plan for such a scene, get his equipment ready, practice if he needed to." He paused, his gaze moving in the direction of where Damián and Patti were, then added, "Damián likes the control aspects of the community. When he first came to live with me, he could barely leave the house without having a PTSD attack." His gaze returned to her. "He saw everyone he met out in the world as a potential enemy. In Iraq, you never knew who would welcome you and who would blow your fucking brains out." He grinned at her. "Pardon me. Once a Marine..."
"Don't apologize. I've heard worse."
He sobered again. "Anyway, just going to the grocery store required an intense amount of planning in order to execute his objective of buying supplies. It got so bad, he could only go into the store at about zero-two-hundred—sorry, 2 a.m.—because there were fewer potential enemies he had to keep an eye at that time."
Savi knew he must have been through hell. No one gets out of a war like he’d been through—not where he'd come so close to being killed—without some severe emotional scars. But she hadn't seen him exhibit this kind of PTSD behavior in the time they'd been living together. What had changed for him to be able to regain control of his life?
Adam went on, "Tonight, though, is an emergency situation. He didn't get to prepare for it as much as he might have liked to."
"Damián didn't seem to want to do the scene with her tonight. Why does it have to be him? Why can't you or someone else here do it?"
He smiled in a self-deprecating way, the corners of his eyes crinkling, making him seem a little less…daunting. "I can't wield a whip worth shit without putting someone's eye out—most likely, my own. Luke Denton over there," he pointed to a tall man standing behind the bar, dressed in a blue-denim, long-sleeved work shirt and a Stetson, "is becoming skilled with the bullwhip, but he's no sadist."
"Damián, on the other hand, has done a lot of scenes with Patti in the past. He knows what to do to get her there the fastest."
It bothered Savi to think about Damián and Patti being together so many times. Clearly, the woman was with this man now, but had she had a sexual relationship with Damián at one time? Pretty hard to do this without having sex, even though there hadn't been any talk about sex being part of the service Damián was providing for Patti.
Serviced with a whip? Whoever heard of such a thing?

Did you enjoy that? To read the rest of this scene, be sure to follow the tour.

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For those new to the Rescue Me series, the intensely emotional stories will have you laughing, crying, screaming, and experiencing a catharsis of your own as you read about these honorable, loveable, but quite imperfect characters who still manage to fumble toward ecstasy in the arms of their perfect mates.

The stories are told in chronological order and build upon past stories, so you'll readers are advised strongly to read the series in order. To help you enter their world and understand many of the main characters in the series (who will return in book after book), the introduction to the series, Masters at Arms, is a free (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, Kobo, iTunes, and other booksellers). Masters is followed by Nobody's Angel (#2), Nobody's Hero (#3), and Nobody's Perfect (#4). At least five more books are planned over the next few years, but no other publication dates have been set.

Find Kally at the following places:

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