What's In My Beach Bag #10

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What's In My Beach Bag will be a weekly post about all the books & other goodies that I've bought, borrowed or won :)

Happy Sunday!!! Wow. August went by fast right? At first I was fretting about school and next thing you know BAAAAAAM two weeks already go by *sigh* Anywho, on to more awesome news!! I got a whole crap load of stuff this week!
The Post Man Really Does Love Me♥

♥Eeek. So, last week my phone broke well... it was acting up. Every time I tried to turn it on it said "Battery required" I got so dang frustrated, I threw it, banged it on the desk (multiple times), and nearly smashed it to pieces... I know, I'm such a bad phone owner. Anyway, I really didn't want to buy a new phone (cause y'all know that I'm saving for a Kindle Fire) so I got online and searched for my battery make and I found someone was selling it on Amazon for $3.40 with FREE shipping. So I just had to take the chance to buy it. So I did. I bought the battery and the email said I would get the batter between 8/30 - 9/5 well, I got it on the 28th. Two days after I bought it. I was wondering why, and when I looked at where it came from i just about laughed my ass off. It came from Inglewood, Ca. SMH!! I coulda just drove my ass down there! Anywho the battery cost me $3.40 and my phone is now working again! ^_^

♥Thanks to Publicist, Alissa Letkowski for Heaven Should Fall by Rebecca Coleman. I received this book for review. My review date will be on Oct. 18th There will also be a scavenger hunt, so look out for that! 

♥Thanks to Jessica over at a Great read for The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter. I won Jessica's 1000 follower giveaway and picked this book + another (but I'll let you know what that is when it comes in the mail ^_^)

Received From NetGalley*Click on covers to take you to GoodReads*

Thanks to Atria Books for Lip Service by M.J. Rose
♥Thanks to Harlequin for Forever Wolf by Michele Hauf

Free From Amazon
*Click on covers to take you to Amazon*

Went on a little shopping spree... LITTLE, I SAY!!
♥Nail polish - 2 Bracelets (one is missing :( someone took it off my desk!!! *sobs* lol) and a necklace. Guess how much I spent on all this?? 8 dollars! ^_^  Bueno right?  

BUT WAIT, that's not all I got ^_^ Y'all are probably wondering what the hell is that box? 
Well, a fellow blogger and I have been planning a massive giveaway, but I'm gonna stop there, because that's already giving too much away lol Anywho, this box isn't up for grabs, inside is a few things that I bought this past week for the upcoming giveaway. BUT WAIT, there's more! The contents in this box is NOT book related. okay. Now I'm giving too much away. Just know.... it's awesome. Well, at least I think it's awesome.

That's if for this week ^_^ What'd y'all get ?


  1. OOh very nice! Glad you got your book! Hope you enjoy all your shiny new reads!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Hey Jessica!

      Thanks :) I'm super excited to start reading it again! Thanks again!! <3


  2. I like the jewelry very much. The books look pretty awesome. Nice haul.


    1. Hi, Grace!

      Thanks :) I used to collect tons of earrings but decided I needed to expand my love for jewelry and get necklaces and bracelets too xD I have two rings, so I need to get more of those as well.. lol. Thanks for stopping by <3


  3. Lip Service: that galley is a little challenging to read just so you know.

    Box: ooohhh sooo excited to see what's in it!

    Happy Sunday!
    Talk Supe BB&B

    1. Hey, Braine!

      Ahhhh, is it really? *sigh* hopefully I can stick with it -____- is it slow or just plain bad?

      ^_^ Soon enough :p

      Thanks for stopping by girly <3


  4. nice haul this weekend girlie ;) and you're such a tease about the box...smh ;)

    have a great weekend Ana!

    1. Hey, Sharonda! thanks :) lol. ;) Can't go giving away all my secrets lmbo. y'all will know soon enough... I think lol Thanks for stopping by <3


  5. Good gawd Ana you've been busy >.< LOL all great books, yay for the battery and having your sanity returned w/ your phone working xD LOL i have lip service and master at arms and hot secrets, but yeaaahh, when I'll get to read them? yo no se >.< LOL i hope you enjoy all your books!

    and ooooh accessories, i want to know what's in that box too!! *whimpers* xD LOL